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2017 Vacation Plan of the Centro de Formación Arte y Cultura
“May the laughter be with you” at the Chaplin Cinema Club
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Full house! The short film screening of Fundaintegrarte was a success!

A child’s imagination is a universe of possibilities. The fascination in learning and creating new things goes beyond understanding; and being able to provide the necessary tools to channel this natural force of creativity is, for Fundaintegrarte, a pleasant pleasure.

After finishing a process of recording and editing in the Holiday Plan of Cinema, promoted by this foundation, came the most awaited moment by the kids: to be able to see the result of their audiovisual production on the big screen in the hall 6 of the Sambil Mall Barquisimeto’s Cinema, last Wednesday August 23.

In the trip that began at 10 o’clock in the morning, the kids, accompanied by their parents and friends, saw their finished products: short films of excellent quality, with incredible musical composition and talented actors. These youngsters, aged between 7 and 12 years, made pieces worthy of being shown to the public.

Leonela Quintero, general director of the foundation, said: “It’s a painstaking job; very few people do this work. We are very committed women, who love what we do, and that is projected on the screen, and the accompaniment of children broadens the sense of satisfaction. “

Great little filmmakers

With a knowing laughter, the children who participated in the workshops were excited to see their projections on a movie screen. The creativity of these intelligent kids surprised more than one, since they produced two suspense pieces, and very eloquently shared their opinions with Yo Amo Bqto.

Fernanda Rangel; aged 10: “The holiday plan was really fun; I liked it because I made friends. What I liked the most was the film and corporal expression workshops because I learned to speak Martian.” she said. She also thanked the girls of the foundation for contributing to her dream of being an actress when she grew up.

María de los Ángeles, aged 8, surprised everyone, as she was a revelation with her psychological thriller. She tells us her experience: “I scared the kids once I arrived; I really liked being a ghost. Everyone was asking ‘Is María dead?’ I had so much fun in the workshops. I did new things and made a lot of friends.”

Regarding the children personal growth, Quintero says that the most important process of the creation is to have the opportunity to show the work in a cinema hall; it reinforces the desire to continue creating and builds a positive and hopeful thinking.

Grown-up projects

In the screening, not only the audiovisual works of the children were shown. In addition, audiovisual products that had a preparation time were released, such as a “Cinexcluirte” show profile, dedicated to the artist of tribal dance Angela Randolfi, and another inspired by the work of the renowned photographer Alejandro Coutinho.

Maria Teresa Tschupin, @paztschupin, was an invited actress to the short film Fábrica de Cine (Film Factory), where the participants were involved in the whole process of production, script, and editing of grown-up and thoughtful pieces.

“It was an amazing experience; I made very good friends here. For guys who want to join this type of activities, who want to start in the world of cinema, definitely entering this foundation is a good step. I made friends for life here,” she said.

“The appreciation process is the most important one, as it’s the moment in which the cycle of audiovisual production is closed, and the child, who in this case is the director, ends up understanding that he can also make movies and everything he can imagine,” Quintero said.

The labor of Fundaintegrarte is not going to stop; they keep proposing activities focused on changing the lives of Venezuelans through art. If you want to participate in some activity, follow them on their social networks as @fundaintegrarte and find out more about upcoming projects.


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