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Food Truck Fever with La Burguesa Gourmet

Gastronomy Barquisimeto

Get ready to discover your new favorite food truck in the city.

The beautiful part of the gastronomic movement in our city is that you can find restaurants that aren’t the typical “I come in – I eat – I leave” type of restaurant, there’s always a little something that completely changes the experience and surprises you. La Burguesa Gourmet is not just a place to order a pepito or a burger, and that’s it, it is the pioneer food truck of our Twilight City, and one of the most delicious places of fast food you can find.


After some research about the food trucks industry, the Medina family immediately started to look for the perfect truck. Ideas came and went for over a year while they got everything ready: the design, the kitchen equipment, the whole concept, the menu, and after a few attempts in December at the Plaza Juan Guillermo Iribarren, La Burguesa officially arrived at Barquisimeto on March of 2017.


From schools to festivals around the country, La Burguesa truck has charmed everyone who has been near it. The deliciousness of its pepito is out of this world, whether you’re team lomito or team pollo, you’ll be amazed by the taste. The salchipapas is the favorite plate of the little ones of the house, but don’t hesitate to try it yourself; what could go wrong when you mix fries, sausages, and ketchup? Well, you’ll get addicted. Last but not least, if you’re more a classic food person,  you can’t miss its amazing burgers and hot dogs.


The Secret Ingredient

Food truck Barquisimeto

Delight yourself with the fantastic burgers, pepitos, and salchipapas from La Burguesa.

What started as a family business became the start of a new time of food trucks in our city. Inspired by the world’s gastronomic innovations, La Burguesa began the journey of the street-food business in a new way. It combines the irresistible fast food we all love with a touch of gourmet food that makes you feel as if the plate you’re having belongs to a royal family member.

The great secret behind La Burguesa is the love their owners have put on this incredible project. Alejandro and his wife, Vivian, were the leaders of it, but their kids didn’t take long to catch up; the help of every family member makes different this food truck. The name “La Burguesa” seeks to make people feel that they will not regret going there, it wants to remind them the good part of fast food, that its exquisiteness can be as good as a royal meal.


It’s great to indulge yourself! And this food truck wants to be your first choice when you think about a dinner night out, and I’m sure that once you go, it will be. It’s time for Barquisimeto’s new gastronomic era to begin, and even if we’re just starting, we already have tons of incredible options. Next time you’re craving a pepito, La Burguesa is the place to go, we are sure you will fall in love with it as we did. So enjoy and don’t forget to invite us!


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