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Five Reasons to Attend the BQTO Social Art

In Barquisimeto, there have always been groups of friends who come together to try to change the world around them based on what they know. By bringing these worlds together, they can make the most creative and innovative plans that enchant us and energize the city.

Well, BQTO Social Art is just that: a fusion of visual art and coffee, where you will be the main character. Here are five reasons to attend Raidel Giménez’s and Daniela Urdaneta’s BQTO Social Art, on April 7th at Atrium Café.

#5 Daniela Urdaneta and Raidel Giménez are pros in what they do

Daniela Urdaneta is a visual artist who has been succeeding in the city and the world. She has participated as an illustrator in different publications in Mexico and Venezuela. Regional and national artists have recognized her particular illustration style. And she also was our “Guara of the Week.”

Raidel Giménez is a renowned barista in Venezuela. With his workshop, called “The Art and Science of being a Barista” given his academy @baristaraidelgimenez, he has gained popularity not only in Barquisimeto but also in San Felipe, Anzoátegui, Caracas, among others regions.

#4 You can consider it as a “coffee break” with a very interesting twist on it

Daniela defines it as an encounter. She said: “The idea is to make it a full event, and we want to encourage conversation with it. It’s not just about getting a cup of coffee but is also about picking up the habit of going out to enjoy your friend’s company along with the coffee aroma. Also, we want it to be an excuse for people to come to learn about art and to take away an apprenticeship with them.”

Raidel also adds that in this event you will not only be able to learn about the coffee process, but you will also learn about the art of conversation. The appreciation of art through your own senses. He explains that: “Everything will be done simultaneously. While Daniela is teaching everyone how to use tools like the brushes, for example, I will explore the latte art and the barista history, the types of coffee and more.”

#3 The ink will be coffee

Coffee is the main element for painting. By next to the table there will be an easel with the different brushes and watercolors in coffee tones that will help you make the most creative allegories to the conversation you have with your partner. What a great sensory experience at Atrium Café!

In the words of Giménez, “The idea is that Daniela and I can work simultaneously in the encounter process. The participants will make portraits based on the conversations they have, and the ink will be coffee.”

#2 It will be a very intimate encounter

Daniela explained that only 12 people would participate -but you still have a chance-, because they want to have the opportunity to interact closely with the people, address their concerns and make the environment a safe place to explore with art. So they can enjoy the peace that the establishment offers. “This is an opportunity to make catharsis through culture in a place that has a calm personality. You will be able to feel the peace breathed at Atrium,” said Urdaneta.

In that same vein, Raidel adds: “We will also have an intimate dinner at the end of the workshop/meeting in which we will set up a kind of gallery with the participants’ finished works. This allows us to create spaces for innovation. And how nice it is for us to be able to inspire  new artists to begin their work using coffee as an instrument. For me, that’s a win-win situation.”

#1 This workshop is good for stress relief

In a life as hectic as the one you’re living right now, moments to take a deep breath, talk, laugh, make mistakes, and laugh more, are necessary for personal growth. And there’s nothing better than being in tune with a group of people who are on the same page as you: in search of inspiration, relaxation, or simply to socialize in an environment full of good vibes.

Like Dani and Raidel!

Dani learned from Raidel that “people like him motivate you to try new things and to get out of your comfort zone, and since I’m constantly searching during my creative process -and I get stagnated- Raidel and his pragmatism help me to find ways out.”

Raidel says that Daniela “has a very innovative language. I want to learn from her all about the lines because there are many potentialities that can be exploited if they’re oriented to the world of coffee. People like Daniela exist to learn how to generate culture from their skills, and she understands that culture belongs to all of us and is part of ourselves.”

Wanting to participate? So do we!

To do so, all you have to do is send a private message to their Instagram accounts, @baristaraidelgimenez and @_danielaurdaneta, and ask for all the information about availability and costs of the BQTO Social Art event. This will definitely be an encounter to meet new people, in an atmosphere full of good vibes and the mesmerizing smell of a well-made espresso.

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