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Felix Martin: Rocking Barquisimetal and the world

Source: felixmartin.net

The guitar and bass were Felix Martin’s first partners as he entered the world of music. The first song he ever learned to play was, probably, a Nirvana one, thanks to the help of his cousin. Since then, there was no going back: he had found his passion.

But there’s a twist. As any creative soul would do, Felix made music his own. Tapping, a guitar playing technique, came naturally to him. That’s what made him start looking for new ways of playing electric guitar, and the beginning of the 14 and 16-string guitars.

All the way from Barquisimeto

Source: felixmartin.net

His self-designed guitar is accompanied by the mixtures of rhythms he creates, fusing metal and rock with jazz and Latin sounds, bringing his own touch to the musical world. As the pioneer of simultaneously playing two guitars, there are tons of musical possibilities, and Félix is ready to explore as many as he can.

Felix’s creative process is about having complete freedom in his hands and ideas. The 14 and 16-string guitars are the definitions of such.

At the age of 17, he left the Twilight City to pursue his passion at Berklee College of Music. He arrived eager to fight for what he wanted to create and be. Years later, he has performed at incredible festivals such as Progressive Nation, SXSW, Tech-Fest and many more.

Back to the roots

Caracas is the title of Martin’s latest album. It is a compilation of 12 Venezuelan folk songs presented just as only Félix Martin can. From Quitapesares to Caballo Viejo, each track is perfectly created to make you feel the true Venezuelan essence while enjoying the unique sounds of the 14 and 16-string guitars.

Martin seeks to inspire Latin American musicians to aspire for more. Being from Barquisimeto was never a limitation for him; neither was arriving in America without knowing much about the English language, and that’s what he hopes for people to understand: it doesn’t matter where you come from as long as you work towards your goals.



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