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Fajitas Express: The Place for Mexican Food Lovers

Fajitas Express

Viva México! Don't think twice and try all the delicious food at Fajitas Express.

Family traditions never die, they just keep growing over the years; in Barquisimeto, we have our own cultures and customs, including those emblematic places that will always have a mark in our hearts, such as Fajitas Express, that delicious Mexican restaurant that for 10 years has made us feel as happy as Mexicans singing a couple of rancheras.

The secret flavors and recipes of the abuela came to light from the hand of Francisco Manzanilla, an Andino from a Mexican family. He couldn’t keep his love for the culinary world inside anymore, and so he began his gastronomic journey. It all started with a small food cart in the Carrera 15 between Calles 55 and 55A, with effort and dedication, his cooking moved to a place right on the same address, and later to the Centro Comercial Metropolis and Centro Comercial Babilon.

As a Guaro, Francisco took the best of the Mexican world and brought it together with his Venezuelan side, creating the delicious Fajitas Express menu. You won’t regret having the Hamburguesa de Cordero, with fresh vegetables and an exquisite curry sauce. For cheese lovers, La Cuatrera is a must in the burger world, with a topping of delicious melted cheese; you will find toppings of pizza, some amazing grilled nachos, toasts, and other exquisiteness that I’m sure will water down your mouth just by looking at them.

Fajitas Express Barquisimeto

Fajitas Express is the classic and beloved place of Guaros enthusiasts for the spicy Mexican flavor.

La Troca

The dream of Francisco and his wife is not over yet, their Mexican style continues to take over the Venezuelan corners; from May 10 to 11 they presented during the Expo Gastronomía in Caracas. At the beginning of this year, like many Venezuelans, it crossed their minds to grab their bags and go beyond our borders, but they made a new goal for themselves: to not leave, and continue working and betting on our country, and so the Fajitas Express Food Truck was born, or as they call it: La Troca.

This truck has brought Mexican joy in the best Venezuelan style, starting with the ExpoTurismo in Coro and a few places around our city. Now they are ready to celebrate the Mexican glory that Francisco’s abuela gave them on the Ruta Burger Fest on July 28th and 29th at Las Trinitarias, and they will continue driving to the gastronomic events of Valencia, Maracay, Caracas, and more.

The culinary surprises of our Twilight City are too good to be missed, so call your friends for a night full of nachos, melted and spicy cheese. From Yo Amo Barquisimeto, there’s nothing left to say but Qué viva Mexico!


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