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The Faces of Dance Month

Dance is a fundamental part of Lara's culture, along with the music they make a magical duo that captivates us.

One of the first things you see as you enter Barquisimeto is a giant cuatro, a monument dedicated to our musical tradition. We aren’t called “The Musical City” for anything, the one who raised talented people as Taormina Guevara, Gustavo Dudamel, Luisa Suárez, and so many more. We believe talent can be found anywhere, and we’re certain that Lara has tons of it.

You’ve probably heard about Lara’s great painters, photographers or journalists. But today, you’re going to know some of the best Lara’s dancers. Spoiler alert: they’re all different, but they have the same passion running through their veins.

Dancing Is Love

That’s what Tina Jiménez’s tattoo says. For her, dancing means expression and love. She truly believes arts can change the world, and that’s what she’s trying to do since she was four years old, when she started dancing. Tina fell in love with urban dance and tropical rhythms when she was 12 years old and hasn’t stopped moving along with them. She also enjoys girly dancing.

Tina’s got hip-hop and femininity in her blood. She thinks about dancing as a path for the society to express themselves while doing something they love. This Larense artist portrays dancing as happiness and true love. For now, we can say she will keep moving to the rhythm of Single Ladies by Beyoncé every time she has the chance.

Ballet As a Way to Live

La Noyee by Yann Tiersen is one of Valentina Santander’s favorite pieces. She has been a ballerina for ten years but began her training 15 years ago. The way she sees it, dance teaches us to become a better person: one who perceives art and society differently, because there’s something that you just know when you are a dancer. In all her years of career, ballet has shown her a world full of art, discipline, and values; a world that she always takes with her, anywhere she goes.

Valentina is a romantic with the classical and neoclassical ballet, but she also has a piece of her heart reserved for tango. For her, dancing means passion; it’s a way to speak and express through the body. Tchaikovsky, ballet shoes, love, and discipline, are Valentina’s way to live.

The Magical Feeling of Flamenco

Camila Lucena’s passionate soul knew she wanted to express joy through her movements when she was just six years old, and it was at that moment that she rejected ballet and welcomed flamenco into her life. This dancer from Lara describes flamenco as a connection between body, soul, feelings, and music, that ends in a magical result that makes anyone addicted to it. Camila dances to alegrías to fall in love; bulerías to thrill her spirit, and farrucas to get out of her comfort zone.  

Camila feels dancing brings to life any song, and while she loves to interpret Te Quiero, Te Quiero by Diego el Cigala and Rocío Flores, her soul craves for salsa and merengue. For her, flamenco is to feel, and salsa to live. Camila uses one word to define this art: life. Dance gets her to that place full of magic and love, where she found herself, and where she never wants to come out.

Enchanted by Salsa and Tango

Gabriela Gómez has been a salsa dancer for four years, and tango for three years; asking her to choose just one is like asking a mother to choose between her two children. In both genres, she finds things that fascinate and passionate her. Dance is endless for her, and she bets on the power of arts, and the wonderful changes it could make in the world.

When it’s time for salsa classics, Me Tengo Que Ir by Los Adolescentes wins Gaby’s heart; while in tango, Loca by Tango Bardo makes her become just like the title: crazy for it. She takes dancing as a marvelous way to express in today’s society and considers any dancer can tell a story and a feeling while performing.

Next time you listen to a classical ballet piece, remember Valentina; if you hear tango or salsa, feel delighted as Gaby would feel; dance just like Tina when an urban song is playing on the radio; and feel magical as Camila when a flamenco guitar begins its harmony. Don’t ever take dancing for granted. A beautiful choreography is only made with hard practices, discipline, persistence and, most importantly, a heart in love with it.

Yo Amo Barquisimeto is a big fan of any artistic expression, and we invite you to be one as well! Get on your dancing shoes, and appreciate one of the most honest ways of art.


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