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Exploring Through Architecture with Tropico.lab

Tropico Lab

Tropico.lab is a space for all architects and lovers of this art to stay connected while learning.

The art and science of designing buildings is something we often take for granted; the appreciation for the beautiful creations of architects is not very present in our everyday life, but for these artists of design, their passion is the way of life. Génesis Loizaga is a Guara who discovered her love for architecture once she realized the changes she could make through this passion; to be able to change minds and places was a concept she couldn’t keep out of her mind.

The journey with Trópico Lab started right after Génesis’ graduation. The blog has been renewing and changing through the years. If we go back to the beginnings, we find out Génesis plan was inspired by the tropical women and the accessories that characterize them, but the need to have a platform to keep a record of the great achievements of young architects, and the amazing researches she found that deserved a good home, was bigger than anything. It made Génesis create a project she felt it was essential for the architecture world.


Right Out of the Trópico

The name Trópico keeps Génesis’ feet on the tropical ground, it’s a reminder of her roots and the reason she started it all. The Lab side is for creating from the most normal to even the most unimaginable things; an experimental laboratory of architecture where she could free her mind and ideas. For the Guara, Trópico has taught her to keep researching and be more conscious on what to think and say anything, it has sensitized her way to communicate.

Architecture blog

Génesis Loizaga seeks to show the world the amazing projects and works of great architects.

The importance of Trópico comes from the architect’s heart of Loizaga: to communicate accomplishments, to let the world know the amazing breakthroughs that no one is seeing. The world of architecture has so many branches that people don’t pay enough attention, and Génesis is looking to change that, she hopes to be a showcase of architecture communication and learning.

In the end, Génesis dreams of becoming a filter through her blog. Trópico Lab seeks to be the little window that you can look out and learn about architecture, where you can tell the story of the amazing creations you have in mind, of that project you’ve kept on standby for a long time. She hopes to all young architects and professor to learn to document in architecture, to learn how to write it down, draw it and keeping growing as professionals.

The future of Trópico is still cooking in the amazing mind of its creator, but the dreams are big, and the future is bright for Génesis Loizaga and her blog. From Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we hope you can explore the amazingness of architecture through Trópico Lab, and support Génesis on her wonderful ideas to get out and take architects to explore, create and discover.


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