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Exploring the Art of Rodolfo Pimentel

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His work, "Los viajeros del tiempo," won second place in YAB's Visual Arts Exhibition; touching the hearts of all attendees.

There’s a part of art that stays a little more hidden than others; one that we all probably have it present every day, but we don’t look much into it. People often take photography for granted, they don’t see the work as an important masterpiece, some just call it a “pretty photo,” and that’s it, but that’s not how it should be. Photographers make art, their photos are as powerful as a painting from the 15th century, or a famous sculpture. Photography is an art we must start embracing and sharing, that we must see exhibited in museums with the same pride as a painting.


Rodolfo Pimentel is one of the photographers who agree with this. For him, the art of photography is a discipline that is learned through years of study and practice; that is why Rodolfo decided to follow his dream of making art through light and began his studies at the Escuela de Artes Plásticas Martín Tovar y Tovar. Since then, he has not stopped feeding on culture through all the workshops he has had the opportunity to attend.


More Art

art Barquisimeto

Barquisimeto, his hometown, keeps being the muse to go to when his soul needs to be inspired.


This Guaro is a believer in the cultural spaces, those that feed your soul with art. As a photographer, Rodolfo hopes to get back the different spaces and exhibitions that our city used to have; he wishes for people to keep making our culture grow. Art can genuinely make your life better, and if we don’t celebrate it through exhibitions, then we’re slowly killing it; artists should always have the chance to prove themselves about the talent they have.


Our soul needs to be filled with good things once in a while, and just like breathing when we’re stressed out can help, taking a break to explore arts exhibition help you to grow as a person, and as an artist. For a photographer, it is important to be surrounded by as much art as possible; and the same thing happens for painters, musicians, dancers, and more because they all need the art of the other to keep learning.





Barquisimeto as an Inspiration


For Rodolfo, photography is an escape for all the crazy things that happen around him. It involves allowing himself a break and becoming one with his art; from the moment he shoots the camera, through the review and editing process, the connection between him and his work is incredible.


Perhaps the secret for the amazing pictures of Rodolfo Pimentel is the love he has for Barquisimeto. The beautiful shades of colors at sunrise and sunset are fascinating for Rodolfo, no wonder he has a whole exhibition about it; twilights are one of his favorite things to photograph. The Parque Nacional Terepaima also takes his senses to a whole new level, and as a photographer, he just falls in love with the amazing view, that can be used to make incredible shots.


At the end of the day, there is no place that could beat Rodolfo’s roof to take photographs; he feels inspired by the city itself, by the city in all its glory. Rodolfo’s work feels intimate to every Guaro who loves Barquisimeto; our beloved city seen through the lens of a madly in love Guaro, is the most beautiful city, and that’s why we love it so much.


For now, at Yo Amo Barquisimeto we’ll keep catching twilights, falling in love a little bit more every day with our city, and, of course, supporting the talent of artists like Rodolfo Pimentel.


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