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Enjoy the Guaro Viewpoints: Mirador Torre de David

Another place to look at the marvelous twilights of Barquisimeto.


If there is something that Guaros are particularly proud of this land, is the fact that they have incredible viewpoints to gaze at the Twilights that are among the joys you can find in the city. They have captivated people across the world with unique colors, vibrant kaleidoscopes of nature that are meant to be seen from privileged places. These are places that make people in Barquisimeto feel a sense of belonging, and visitors fall in love and experience incredible colors in the sky, like unreal paintings from the brush of nature. For that reason, they are especially keen on making places to look at them, as the viewpoint atop the Torre de David building.

The Torre de David holds a high place in the city’s skyline: located in the heart of Barquisimeto, it has been keeping an eye on the city for over 20 years. With such a rich history, this building has been looking upon the growing metropolis with privileged eyes. But it’s more than just a tower or a basic building: it’s a place where culture and community intertwine. It holds a hotel, a social center and several other locations that are perfect for people who need to visit the city. But the most incredible feature about the Torre de David is its viewpoint: it gazes across the top of the building with pride. It’s the perfect location to enjoy the company of family, friends or visitors to the land of Twilights.  Currently, this place holds a restaurant that was inspired by the unique colors of the sky while designing the menu. This makes their delicious dishes mingle with the tints that paint the twilights of Barquisimeto. People in the city know better than anybody that the viewpoint atop the Torre de David is one of the most valuable locations in terms of privileged views, as it has almost zero rivals when it comes to gazing at the sky. With direct eyes over the course of the Turbio River and the city of Cabudare at its margins, it gives people who visit it a special memory of the place that earned the title of City of Twilights.

Here, at YoAmoBQTO.com, we want you to know the privileged places that can make you fall in love with the city of Barquisimeto. They are much more than incredible twilights, cocuy, and music. Like every Guaro and visitor of the city can attest: people in Barquisimeto know the magic that surrounds them, and showcase it in marvelous ways, such as the incredible viewpoints that are scattered across the land to privilege natives and foreigners alike with the incredible colors of the sky when the sun is setting down.

Like most viewpoints in Barquisimeto, this one offers the chance to connect with the city in an unique way.

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