Guaros in tha house


YAB Talk: Between Gastronomy and Literature

The curious thing about the traditions of Barquisimeto is the way that the Guaro himself runs from them. They don’t feel proud of the particularities that […]

YoAmoBqto Route: The Taste of Our Own

Once you listen to the exquisite flavors of Barquisimeto on YAB Talk, we know that you’ll be wondering where to start enjoying our spectacular food. No […]

Barquisimeto between Lines 04

The lines that have been written about Barquisimeto are not enough to capture its essence. But honestly, I don’t think you’ll ever get close to it. […]
Center of Barquisimeto.

Barquisimeto between Lines 03

Barquisimeto owns a very curious thing: its streets change personalities when you go up and down; they make you want to explore the hidden history in […]

Everybody love Barquisimeto, that’s why