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El Clip Bookstore: a Tradition With Many Years

A tradition in every book.

In Barquisimeto, several places that represent tradition for Guaros. In the city, people often live thinking about the past and the good experiences they’ve lived in specific locations. Among the emblematic and nostalgic spaces, you can find bookstores that have been able to remain in force, and today they are still a symbol of the Barquisimetan education.

That is the case of El Clip Bookstore, a bookstore with many books and stories on its back. For each student and parent, this bookstore has represented a magic solution to every literary doubt. Walking through its shelves, you can always find all kind of books such as novels, literature classics, technical books, and fantasy… you name it!

The bookstore

This bookstore has been in force for more than 40 years and has experienced many changes and moments with Guaros. Its path started in 1974 as a stationery shop, later the owners, Beatriz Bello de Ochoa and Beatriz de Lazo, decided to enter the books world and brought a new literary era to Barquisimeto.

A few years later, Beatriz Bello and her husband bought their partner’s part of the library and ran the business together. Since then, they have managed to successfully run El Clip till making it a must-visit for all literature lovers.

Currently, this bookstore performs all kinds of literary events, and have managed to adapt itself to the new needs of consumers and writers. Betsaide Ochoa,  Beatriz’ daughter and current manager of the store, is proud to say that her parents formed an incredible team and that is why the store is what it is today.

The events

To adapt themselves to the new trends, El Clip has developed numerous events among which you can find gatherings, workshops, reading activities for children and book signatures. Significant figures of Venezuelan literary scene have strolled through their doors to delight customers: Oscar Yanez, Leonardo Padrón, Luis Chataing and Inés Quintero are just a few of the many writers who have stepped on Barquisimeto to show their work in this historic bookstore.

YoAmoBQTO.com invites you to spend a different afternoon at the El Clip Bookstore, where you can enjoy a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. Don’t forget to bring a friend or relative so that you can read a book together while sitting in a space created specifically for it.

Every Guaro student has passed through its doors. This bookstore is one of the most iconic places in town.

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