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The curious thing about certain places is that we often lose the certainty of how long they have been amongst us. The Guaro has changed with time, as has our city; however, this doesn’t mean we have lost ourselves on the road, but rather that from time to time it is good to stop and notice what is still around.

El Abollao is one of those places. Luis and Pausides Aguilar have served the best seasoning in pepitos, burgers and hot dogs for 20 years on the same street in Barici.

What began as a street food cart soon climbed into a family business; not only because two brothers joined to work 24/7, but because every person who sits down to eat in El Abollao feels at home.

For the owners, the secret of a good meal is in a good sauce. Maybe it’s the combination of everything: the flavors, the kindness of the people who serve you, that typical Latin music from the street food place what makes you try their grills once again.

The Guaros know that when they’re looking to enjoy street food, El Abollao won’t let them down. For us, there’s nothing a combo from them can’t fix, and if you think the same, you’ll soon be able to enjoy them with us along YAB’s Hamburger Route!

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