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Discovering with YAB: Espacio Museo

Espacio Museo

Take a walk around Santa Rosa and fall in love with this art gallery.

Have you ever felt the need to go back in time? To hold on to a memory, to go back to a happy day; not to change something, but to live it one more time. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has felt that way, at least I can say Jay Gatsby from Scott Fitzgerald’s book was on my side when he said you can repeat the past; and if you hesitate about this, then let me tell you about Espacio Museo.


Back In Time

Beatriz Blavia grew up between the greatest works of art from the Museo de Barquisimeto; her mother Milagros was the head of the Museum for seventeen years, so it’s no wonder Beatriz’s childhood memories are filled with art and museums from everywhere they went.

The little girl from the museum became a publicist and journalism, but the art never left her heart. Beatriz soon realized that she needed to contribute to the cultural movement of her hometown; but she didn’t want to have just a gallery, she wanted more, she wanted a space where the ideas and creativeness could be expressed. That’s when Espacio Museo comes along.


“You have to feed your soul, spirit, and mind.”

– Beatriz Blavia


Art Barquisimeto

The culture and art of Barquisimeto in one beautiful space: Espacio Museo.

Inspired by her childhood, Beatriz made Espacio Museo: space where art lovers can get together; a place where you can breathe art and enjoy cultural events. From tertulias to degustaciones, Barquisimeto has received this space with open arms. Beatriz, somehow, went back in time and brought with her the museum from her childhood to take back the cultural spaces that we need in the Twilight City.

The heart of Santa Rosa turned into an art-filled space. Every six weeks or so, Espacio Museo introduces a different exhibition on its gallery, and from local artists to national ones, or from modern art to illustrations, all the art expressions you’ll find will steal your heart and brighten up your spirit.  

Exploring the Twilight City you’ll find amazing spaces that you perhaps didn’t even thought existed, but the truth is, that there are many amazing people who believe in the potential of Barquisimeto. Espacio Museo is here to remind us of the talent of the Guaros, the power of art, and the importance of not letting go of our cultural locations.


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