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Discovering the Digital Art of Yabel Guerra

Yabel Guerra

The stunning digital art of Yabel Guerra is proof of the great talents of our Twilight City.

Our passions are often the motivation that keeps us moving. Painting, dancing, writing, and so on, are ways of expression that our hearts take; sometimes, we don’t know why or when exactly it will happen, but as soon as the need to be heard comes along, the art appears. Our Barquisimeto is a city of marvelous talents where we can find countless artists whose stories are yet to be told.

Yabel Guerra has been drawing since he remembers life, it came to him as natural as walking; expressing his ideas and thoughts is something Guerra has always sought to do through every sketch. In 2007, he had his first encounter with painting, and as he described it: “it was an emperre at first sight,” his artistic soul led him to study Integral Design at UNEY, where he made a great connection with the graphic arts.

And so, through his creative willingness, Yabel discovered the journey of art. Painting, digital arts, and illustrations are the passions that allowed him to break the aesthetic rules of art to give that personal touch that characterizes his works.

Barquisimeto Art

Guerra seeks to express himself through the simplicity and beauty of illustrations.

As an artist, behavior and human personalities were the first things that caught him, so he made a series of paintings about what’s inside the mind of a human being, these works went from the abstract to the expressions and gestures of people. The concept of a society that wears masks all its life also obsessed Yabel for many years in his creative process, and it was one of his first motives to express himself through art.

From our Twilight City, Guerra takes people as a form of inspiration. He finds important all the good and bad people he has met, the behaviors of the wonderful people who came into his life, and the hypocrisy and bad energies of others; during his years in our country, these behaviors were key in his creative process and in all his works of art. As Guaro, the beautiful sunsets of Barquisimeto also influence the warm colors of his works.

Yabel considers himself a citizen of the world. Now based in Medellín, Colombia, his interest has moved towards globalization, the concept of integrations between people and its combination of cultures, the automatism of humans interactions.

The opportunity to get to know the artistic movement of Colombia and Argentina has shown him different and new techniques, which has helped him to build his own artistic personality. A new process, new artists and new expressions influence the art of Guerra. From Botero and his distortion of human proportions to Venezuelans Héctor Poleo, Alejandro Otero, and Macario Colombo, they have all helped him in the creative process of doing art.    

The heart of an artist will always scream to express what’s happening inside, and so Yabel will keep amazing us through his surrealist and dadaist works of art. Yo Amo Barquisimeto will continue to support the incredible talents of our Guaros, and we ask that you do not hesitate and be encouraged to know the art of Yabel Guerra.

Long live the art!

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