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Discover with YAB: the People Who Add Color to Barquisimeto

Villalón Barquisimeto

From painting and sculpting to the most beautiful forms of digital art, Barquisimeto is the proud hometown of great talents.

With Barquisimeto’s 466th anniversary so close, Yo Amo Barquisimeto seeks to celebrate not only our city itself but also all the Guaros and their talent; starting with art and music, as well as every amazing project the Guaros have thought of. That’s why we’ll be waiting for you on Friday, September 14th at Materia PAC, to celebrate the art and culture of our city with the 1st Visual Arts Exhibition Yo Amo Barquisimeto. We all believe in the magic that art has, and its power to create connections with people, how it can turn bad into good and bring spectacular moments.

However, all of this wouldn’t be possible without the amazing and talented Guaros; from the painters to the photographers and sculptors, and all those who keep working on their art and makes our beautiful city a little bit better with every work they do. Therefore, to start the celebration, we had to introduce the people that by sharing their talent, give light and color to our beloved Twilight City.


Neya’s need to express her vision of the world has led her to create amazing daily-life-based artworks, all thanks to her “urban epiphanies,” as she calls them; whether the inspiration comes from the streets, nature, or even people and their movement, the art of this Guara is indispensable for all art lovers. Her illustrations and videos will introduce you to the Latin-Tropical feeling, with references to our culture, music, flavors and Latin way of life.

Yabel Guerra

From our city, and the whole world, Guerra takes people as a form of inspiration; he considers himself as a citizen of the world, and through his art he seeks to express his concept of society, with its expressions and gestures, including the human behaviors of all the good and bad people who have come into his life. Now based in Medellín, Colombia, his interest has moved towards globalization, the concept of integrations between people and their combination of cultures, the automatism of humans interactions.

Culture Barquisimeto

Barquisimeto’s colors don’t just come in its twilights, but in every work of art that every Guaro has made.

Jeysa Villalón

We can’t talk about art without mentioning this wonderful Guara. Jeysa has shown the importance of not only create art but also support it with our heart and soul; her work as a culture and art manager has made an important contribution to our beloved Barquisimeto, since she has taught us that making art is not just about exhibiting a piece, but also understanding the background and the artist. In her art and projects, Jeysa leaves a little piece of her love and vision of art in the Twilight City.

Alejandro Coutinho

Alejandro gives life to another type of art, one that perhaps is not appreciated enough by many people, but thanks to his amazing photographs, he has managed to highlight this side of art in our city. With exhibitions such as Belleza Antinatura and Musas, he shows the complexity and beauty of ballet, filling spaces and cities like Barquisimeto and Caracas with the art of dancing. Alejandro Coutinho makes art through light, and his works of art are a must-see for all Guaros.

María Fabiana Zapata

Zapata is one of the two great minds behind Materia PAC, a little space full of art and culture. María Fabiana has helped to support the works of art of underground artists, the ones that are not shown everywhere. María Fabiana and her sister created Materia PAC because they are firm on the idea that society can be changed through education, culture, and citizenship; and therefore, we can’t celebrate art without thanking the great space that María Fabiana has created.

Barquisimeto is full of talented artists, and Yo Amo Barquisimeto will always be ready to support any kind of art that helps our culture and brings magic to the streets of our hometown. And since we have so much art and talent to show, don’t miss the chance to spend a different and fun time with the YAB Team and a bunch of Guaros at the 1st Visual Arts Exhibition Yo Amo Barquisimeto, let’s celebrate the city and its art!


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