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Discover with YAB: The Art of Carly García

Art Barquisimeto

Carly's work of art "Museo de Barquisimeto" won an honorable mention for her amazing pointillism technique at YAB's Visual Arts Exhibition.

At Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we know the importance of supporting the talents that we discover, and that’s precisely why we’re always ready to tell stories of Guaros that need to be recognized by the whole world. We know how little actions can lead to great things, and how sometimes people, without even knowing, can make a significant impact into someone else’s life.


It may sound silly for some, but often all that people need is a little support to let their artistic side fly. That was how Carly García first discovered art; it was her teacher, Isabel Delgado de Rodríguez, that gave her the little push she needed and showed they love that Carly now feels for art. Nowadays, Carly still feels like that young student she once was when she listens to Isabel on her art history classes at the group Buscadores de Tesoros; she will forever be thankful with her teacher for preparing her to admire, value and understand the creative expression as a genuine process for human beings.


Carly finds herself in her happy place when she paints; it’s a liberating and relaxing experience for her, a door that opens to a magical world where she only feels peace and happiness. As an engineer by profession, and an artist by heart, she has managed to combine her two passions in her works of arts. She lets the inspiration and the engineering education come out at the same time, and as a self-taught artist, she has had the chance to test, explore and develop different paintings, instruments, and supplies that helped her to discover the techniques that led her to her most recents works.


“Patience, constancy and happiness.”

– Carly’s three words to describe her works


Art techniques Barquisimeto

Pointillism and bright colors are the signatures of Carly’s works.

Her heart and soul are filled with pride when she talks about her art series “Caleidoscopio” (Kaleidoscope), where the symmetry, the search for perfection and the color contrast give the fusion between passion and reason. This artist hopes to give peace to anyone who takes a moment to see her work, and to inspire others that are passionate about art to finally try to express themselves through it.


Just like us, Carly finds herself lost in love between the colors of the twilights and the joy of the Guaros. With those landmarks in mind, García looks to keep taking her works of art to more corners in the world: she hopes to send the colorful vibe only she could have from a local gallery to an international event.


YAB will never get tired of being a showcase for the talents in our city; on the contrary, we rejoice with happiness every time we listen to an artist, a musician, a dancer, and everyone that keeps believing in the arts and culture of our beloved city. Perhaps we can’t paint Barquisimeto as an artist would, but we sure will be here to give them the push they need to keep creating amazing things.


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