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Discover with YAB: Paquita’s Deli

Paquita's Deli

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Between the streets of the Twilight City, you can find incredible stories and memories of every person who has passed through them. From the time they shared a cup of coffee in a bakery, to the day they baked cookies with their best friend, every memory creates a perfect image of that beloved day that we will never let go; memories that without us knowing may lead us to great things.


For Amyris Chávez, an idea comes from a beautiful memory. She grew up among the flavors of her grandmother, discovering her recipes and the longed-for secrets of the kitchen, so it was no surprise the love she got for the gastronomic world; soon her recipes were the most expected ones in every gathering and birthdays. For years, Amyris shared her gift with her friends and family every time she had a chance until she decided it was time to show the world what she was able to do, beginning the journey of Paquita’s Deli on February of 2018.


Food Barquisimeto

Cookies, chocolate truffles, and cake, or perhaps a ceviche? Paquita’s Deli is here to end your cravings.


Through the name “Paquita’s Deli”, Amyris seeks to honor the one who inspired her to start in the art of cooking: her grandmother Francisca, or as her loved ones called her, Paquita; a Spanish immigrant from the Canary Islands, a woman who taught Amyris everything she knew, making her the entrepreneur Guara that she is. Amyris manages her business under the words Paquita told her once: “with love, an egg, sugar and a little bit of flour you could sweeten a heart.” Paquita’s Deli looks to make smiles through its desserts, meals and incredible flavors; to share happiness through every recipe.




It’s not always easy to keep going a gastronomic business, but Amyris and her family don’t give up on their beliefs and entrepreneurship, in fact, their creativeness has grown to the point of creating new recipes, such as their sardine ceviche. We also must mention their delicious cakes, chocolate truffles, cupcakes, cookies and more – everything a sugar lover needs, Paquita’s Deli has it.


What Amyris is looking for with Paquita’s Deli is to bring to our beloved Barquisimeto the classical and delicious grandmother’s flavors along with the creativeness and the modern world, a mix between the love that only the home can bring with the new social media trends. Paquita’s Deli will keep moving forward, will continue working for our city, the Guaros in it and for all the people in the world, to taste the love in one bite.


The deliciousness of Paquita’s Deli can be found through its Instagram account; so now you know who to call when you’re craving something nice for your next gathering. From Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we declare ourselves addicted to their flavors, and we assure you that you will also end up counting the days to try Paquita’s Deli food once again.


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