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Discover with YAB: ¡Ah Mundo Barquisimeto!

¡Ah Mundo Barquisimeto!

Inspired by Lara's traditions and monuments, ¡Ah Mundo Barquisimeto! invites you to live the Twilight City of the old days.

Some places take us on a journey through time that brings us to the moments that we keep in our hearts. This is what Enrique Lucena Cuica was looking for as he created ¡Ah Mundo Barquisimeto! 


It became a place that inevitably leads us to happy times. It’s not only an attraction for the little ones but the meeting point between the magic of yesterday and today; where the experiences of a grandfather collide with the discoveries of a child.


To explore the whole essence of Barquisimeto in the same place, you only have to wait for the weekend and ride up to the kilometer 13 of the road to Río Claro, where the cold and green mountains soon become your road-trip partners. Lucena grew up in Las Cruces, Torres municipality, and he wanted to give the city a small part of what had been his happy childhood between the fields and outdoors.


Barquisimeto theme park

The park is located at kilometer 13 of Rio Claro, and it opens every Saturday and Sunday.


The nostalgia of the outskirts of Barquisimeto joins the emblematic places of the city and the most beloved characters of the Lara state at ¡Ah Mundo Barquisimeto!, Don Eustoquio Gómez, La Loca de Veragacha and El Caimán de Sanare welcome you for a walk between El Obelisco, La Catedral, La Corona de la Feria, El Monumento al Sol, La Botella, and many more beloved monuments for the Guaros.


Between stories and laughs, the park steals your heart. This is where we love a little more what is ours, where we learn about the surroundings where our grandparents, parents and now us grew up.


There’s nothing left to say other than ¡Ah Mundo Barquisimeto! reminded us of our Guaro pride, and we’re sure it will happen to you too.



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