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Kilenny took home an honorable mention for her work "Barquisimeto de memoria" at the YAB's 1st Visual Arts Exhibition.

It is not hard to fall in love with Barquisimeto. At the end of the day, no matter what, you know you’ll find a beautiful sunset, you’ll see the beauty in the movement of people going up and down the streets, and even the sounds of the streets of everyday life. This is the kind of city that easily steals your heart, and although we do it because as Guaros our weak point is our hometown, we are not the only ones who are inspired by its beauty.


Kilenny Linares was not born in the City of Twilight, but our hometown brings a lot of beautiful memories to her mind. In her hometown, Barinas, she found art in the walks with her grandfather to the fields, where he taught her to sow with patience and technique; and so, growing up among the sensitive, simple and always observant life of the peasant, Kilenny became an artist of memory and soul.


Little by little, Kilenny learned to portray the feelings she had through her art. The first time she did, it was for school homework, when her teacher asked her to write an essay about happiness, and she described how it made her feel to walk, sow, and observe. Suddenly, art was all she had in mind. She continued her studies in a Graphics Workshop in Barinas; she spent days and nights working on her art, to then finish her college studies in Arts. Now, she still creates with the same enthusiasm and love she had when she wrote that first essay for school and showed it in every project and artwork she does.


“Place, organic and remembrance.”

– Kilenny Linares’ three words to describe her art.


art Barquisimeto

Art is not meant to be kept hidden. Kilenny has had the opportunity to show her talent from her hometown, Barinas, to Caracas.


As an artist, Kilenny had the chance to work with different artists from Barinas, Lara, and Caracas; she learned techniques such as woodcut, drypoint, water ink, linoleum, and more traditional engraving techniques. Kilenny bases her work on two concepts: space and stories; she creates the image of what surrounds her, of the things that sensitize her and of the connection she has with them.


Barquisimeto is always in her memory, and she describes it as a place to always return. El Manteco, though chaotic, is very picturesque for Kilenny, and is her favorite place in the city. There is always a part of Barquisimeto and the people she has met here in her work; the maestros of larenses’ arts, the painters, and every person who has supported her throughout her years as an artist. It is the friendship of the people of Twilight City that inspires and helps Kilenny’s work.





Kilenny is currently working on an eco-printing project, a non-toxic alternative to engraving, focused on textile arts. In her works, you can still feel the essence of that little girl who loved to walk and observe the land. Kilenny’s creations steal your breath for its simplicity but also for the incredible techniques. As art enthusiasts, Yo Amo Barquisimeto believes in the power and beauty of art, and that is why we are here to honor every Guaro and Barquisimetido who has the same goals we have: to continue working in the culture and arts of our cities.


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