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Danzas Acuarela and Its Venezuelan Rhythm

Baile Barquisimeto

Learn to love the beauty of Venezuelan sounds.

In 2010, what seemed like a faraway dream became true: Danzas Acuarela opened its doors. The need to change the world for the better, starting in our own state, one child at a time was what motivated Milagros Sánchez, one of the founders of the academy along with four other friends, to start the project; over the years, more people began to join this dream, having now a team of more than 20 people. Danzas Acuarela is a space created for kids and young adults to have new opportunities to learn dance, values, culture and discover the incredible things they can do through artistic expression.


A Day at Danzas Acuarela

The rhythms begin at the end of the afternoon, the founders and teachers turn up the music and welcome all their students, the parents and all the new children who want to join the dances. For Milagros, Danzas Acuarela is a big and beautiful family. Everyone is there to support anyone who needs it, if someone is sad they help, and if there is something to celebrate, there is nothing but happiness.

Danzas Acuarela has become a big and beautiful family, it is like a second home for everyone in it; if one of them is sad, everyone feels the sorrow and helps their brother or sister; if there is something to celebrate, everyone is happy; as the Three Musketeers would say: “one for all and all for one!” Danzas Acuarela is a second home for all who are there; from the Señor José, their dearest handyman, to the smallest child, everybody matters.


Learn Through Dance

More than just a dance academy, Danzas Acuarela seeks to inspire its students to be better persons by offering social and cultural education; the children learn choreographies, social values, dance theory, and more. Through the dances, the academy has achieved giving the kids something new to look out for; it helps them to know more about the world, and the infinite chances they can have in it. The kids grow up to be more confident, have big dreams and goals that they are ready to pursue.

Danza Barquisimeto

Danzas Acuarela has been around for eight years, and since then they’ve never stopped dancing.

From national-traditional dances to urban genres and contemporary dances, Danzas Acuarela teachers make every kid feel passion for everything they dance. The academy shares its joy and happiness with the communities of 5 de Julio, Pila de Montezuma, Ruiz Pineda, Cerritos Blancos, José Gregorio Hernández and La Lucha; they also go from time to time to Cubiro and Urdaneta, educating through sporadic activities with the kids there.

The meaning of Acuarela comes from the painting technique, which is all about patience and gracefulness, just like the work they do in Danzas Acuarela. It all began when Milagros fell in love with watercolor painting, then learned what it meant to make a work of art in such a technique, and how in the end, the work ended up being invaluable, just like the dances and all the work in the academy. Thanks to her discipline with the project, Danzas Acuarela has won the prize of Mejor Emprendimiento Social de Venezuela and the Premio Especial Efecto Femsación at the Concurso Ideas on 2017, representing the culture of our Lara state.


But the dream is not done just yet. Danzas Acuarela will keep working to boost the projects they have on other communities, spreading the message that art can change the world. For now, they will continue to share their happiness and joy wherever they step with their dancing shoes, moving to the sounds of Amparito, Venezuela, and so many more beautiful songs.


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