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Coffee Break at Azuquita Bistró – Café

Azuquita Bistró Barquisimeto

Add sugar and sweetness to your life at Azuquita Bistró - Café

As a coffee lover, the first thing I noticed when walked into Azuquita Bistró – Café was the delicious smell of the coffee cups that were being served. The cozy lights and music makes you feel warm and comfy, just as if you were enjoying a dessert in your own home; the owner, Fabiana, has always had a passion for the cuisine and patisserie. In her family, when it was time to enjoy a meal, everybody thought about the flavors Fabiana made, and that was the little push she needed to let herself go into the sweetest art.

Do what you love

During a dinner, the name Azuquita just came up spontaneously, and that was when everything started. In 2016, Azuquita Express was born as an Instagram account for dessert deliveries, with only 6 options on their digital menu. Later on, the idea of having a physical store came up, and Fabiana didn’t hesitate in taking Azuquita Express to the next level: Azuquita Bistró – Café.

From the moment the project began, Fabiana knew she wanted Azuquita to be like a person: someone with a defined personality that knows what it likes, that it has a way to talk and choose. In the end, Azuquita Bistró – Café ended up being like another child for Fabiana, mother of three, but it is a new baby that she wants to see grow up and be successful.

Azuquita Bistró Barquisimeto

Cookies, coffee, cakes, and lots of delicious desserts can be found at Azuquita Bistró – Café’

The café opened their doors the last February 14th; there couldn’t be a perfect day than Valentine’s Day to fall in love with every delicious option you can find on their menu. Every dessert has been carefully selected and made with love by Fabiana herself, with the help of her family members, such as her cousin Raul, her parents, and sisters. From a tres vaquitas, or a chocomarque, to their super chocolate cake Tronchatoro —in honor of Fabiana’s favorite movie “Matilda”— you will become an Azuquita addict once you try them.

The journey of flavors doesn’t end at cakes, it keeps going with their exquisite coffees, such as café affogato, a combination of vanilla ice cream and espresso; there’s also the café Azuquita, the always delicious café tentación, and so much more, but you’re going to have to go ask for them because they’re too marvelous even to describe them with words. Soon, you’ll find at Azuquita liqueur coffee to delight your senses when you’re feeling like trying something new.

If we had to describe the café in just one word, it would be “family,” because it’s incredible the love and support you can feel in this little spot. Azuquita hopes to be recognized for their great services to customers, since Fabiana wishes for them to feel as a part of her family, and even part of the place; they don’t want to be just another place where you eat and leave, they wanted to create a pleasant experience for everyone that visits the Bistró – Café.


At Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we declare ourselves as Azuquita’s fans. There’s always time for a cup of coffee and a cupcake, or maybe a couple of galletas craqueladas. We’re not going to lie: at Azuquita Bistró – Café is almost impossible to pick just one thing, but we can’t wait to go again! What would you choose? Come to meet us there!


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