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Cocuy La Orquídea: An Original Way to Eat Guaro’s Food

A restaurant with 100% Barquisimetan flavor.

As previously mentioned, creativity is a Guaro quality. All it takes to find a new paradigm, an original idea, new business or even a fresh mixture is a Guaro mind. In this city the creative ideas around the business of cooking abound, and all because Barquisimeto citizens like to eat good, creative and… inexpensive food, as far as possible.

All these characteristics can be found in a curious place, perhaps somewhat distant and hidden from the sight of less curious people. That small space, but with a lot of life and flavor is Cocuy La Orquidea, a restaurant that will give you a new perspective on Larense food.

The business

Cocuy La Orquídea is a family business that has given a lot to talk about for a while. Its story begins in the other business of Mirelys, William and Rubén’s family, run by their mother. In it they sale Cocuy to-go. They serve it, and the person takes it home.

As Mirelys is a pastry chef and her idea of mixing sweet things with cocuy was becoming successful in her mother’s business, she thought that starting a more gastronomic place was ideal. Once they finally found the right space, they open their doors and continue to do business with their trading partner who makes cocuy only for them.

Most of the success of Cocuy La Orquídea is due to the flavor of its owners’ products, their combinations and their special touch. One of the most striking features of the place is its cocktails. They are currently specializing in cocuy-based cocktails mixed with other natural ingredients and without preservatives or additives. They are the ones who add the flavor and colors to the cocuy they sell. The product arrives virgin to their hands, and then they add the ingredients of their formula.

With its distinguished mixes, they look for the diner’s enjoyment. The Morales siblings want the customer to eat tasty food and have a different experience, as this is a unique place thanks to its decoration and what they offer. The whole menu is made at the restaurant and a proof of that is the smell of the fruit and the pizza sauces that surround the place. It is precisely those exquisite smells that attract people.

An exotic menu

Their menu is quite particular; with their list of dishes the owners wanted to be different and they definitely succeeded. The chef specializes in pizza, so they decided to make something very Larense; they incorporated guaro ingredients to create a unique pizza that currently carries: sauce made of caraotas (black beans), goat cheese, caramelized onions, biscuye (flower of the cocuy plant) and blood sausage. It sounds like a hefty meal, but it has had a very good reception. All Mirelys have to do is to offer the pizza, talk about it and the person selects it with an innate curiosity.

This Pizza Larense is a very guaro dish, as it combines the ingredients of the region to create a unique flavor, which is also given by the creativity and expertise of its chef.  This delicacy had such a success that when the famous architect Fruto Vivas visited Cocuy La Orquídea, he was delighted with this pizza.

Another famous dish of this exotic place is the Lamb Burger. It is made of homemade bread and includes natural sauces, no mayonnaise or ketchup, and meat with the chef’s personal touch. When it comes to the natural sauces, you can choose between the tomato, eggplant, and pepper sauces.

As for the desserts, they are made by Mirelys and taken to the restaurant from her home. In Cocuy La Orquídea you can find from biscuits, cupcakes, and cakes to conservas (Venezuelan classic sweet) made of pineapple and coconut .

Chef Mario, a unique chef in a unique restaurant

Mario Gonzales is one of William’s best friends. At one point they had the opportunity to help each other, the Morales siblings helped Mario and Mario helped them. He is a particular person that has overcome really tough challenges and has managed to conquer the palate of many people at the same time. A few years ago he lost his sight; however, his other senses have increased and, nowadays, he works in the kitchen better than any other chef.


This place is also recognized for its events. These were added thanks to its location and customers. William has a production company and is a clown by profession so he was very involved with the show business. First they started with small presentations and little by little the repertoire was expanded. Those who perform in this restaurant do not receive any compensation, but their food runs on behalf of the house. If you are going to do a performance in Cocuy La Orquídea it is for pleasure and just for the fun of it.

A name in honor of the orchids

The story of their original name comes from the orchids collection of the siblings’ mom. Everyone identified her mother’s business as the place where cocuy is sold, specifically in the house of the orchids. Likewise, the other name with which they are identified, Cocuy 2640, has to do with the number of the family home; they were looking for something that could unite them as a family and those numbers were the key for it.

Cocuy La Orquídea is a magical place full of smells, flavors and colors that allow you to live  a different experience. Whether it is because the numerology is on their side or because their ideas are a so original, their success is remarkable. This great family seeks to exalt the best gastronomic elements that this region has, and they do it with great love and dedication.

If you want to spend a pleasant time with good food and drinks, don’t miss Cocuy La Orquídea. YoAmoBQTO.com recommends you to enjoy Salsa Thursdays and rock Fridays and Saturdays until 12 am. Try the famous Pizza Larense and tell us about your experience through the social networks.

Great food made of great Guaro ingredients.


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