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Cocktail Nights at Barrica Bar

Barrica Bar

Barrica's stylish and underground vibe will make your night one of a kind.

Get your mind in the Roaring Twenties. Think for a second about the jazz, the Charleston dancers, men looking sharp in suits and hats, gracefully-looking women in dresses and long necklaces; you might know them as the golden years, but not everything was so dazzling. Hidden in places you’d never think of, the speakeasy bars were born, spots for exclusive people to get a drink during the times of the Prohibition in the United States. Bartenders mixed alcohol with fruits to hid the drinks, and in that way, the art of cocktail-making had an unplanned birth.

Barrica Bar doors are always closed. Your night in this 1920’s style bar begins with knocking on the black door to get in. For a moment, I felt like Nick Carraway, when Jay Gatsby takes him to the speakeasy bar, in Fitzgerald’s book. I suggest you sit in the bar and enjoy the way the bartender gives you a drink. Don’t you already feel like you’re in another time? I know I did.


The experience keeps going as you move to one of the old chairs and tables the place has; the low lights and the red curtains give an underground vibe. Douglas Amache, the head of Barrica, sits with us for a while to tell us the Bar has been around for five years, and still, people got hooked and charmed with the service and style of the bar. For Douglas and the Barrica crew, the quality of the service, the product, and the environment are the most important things; not for nothing Barrica Bar is placed as one of the best bars in Venezuela.

Now that you’ve found the place with the most exclusive cocktails in Barquisimeto, what are you craving? Are you a more Caribbean kind of type, or would you like a Negroni? Perhaps a Rum and Tonic, if you’re into classics. Barrica’s cocktail list is a very mixed one; they are ready to serve anyone who comes. The bartenders, dressed as in the golden twenties, prepares the drinks in a way you can’t help but stare at the precise and perfect technique.


Barrica Bar

The most exclusives cocktails in Barquisimeto are at Barrica Bar.


Barrica Bar has been the house for many events, as the Diplomático World Tournament along with Cocuy Bar, where the final was held with worldwide bartenders. Such occasions have helped them to get to know the drinks and tastes of different countries, like the cocktails styles of Europe, and they also take a little piece of Latin America with them once they leave. If you get truly curious about the cocktail world, Barrica Bar also offers a cocktail workshop to get into this art, where you’ll have a real experience of the bartending profession.


While Barrica doesn’t seek to change its underground style, they do evolve with time, adding drinks to their menu, having new things to try. For nights with entertainment, the place has a little stage where you’ll enjoy from stand up comedy to a jazz night, or a DJ during the weekends. Grab your friends and sit on the first row or go to the red sofa near the piano, at the end of the bar; get some drinks, or maybe a few beers and welcome the speakeasy vibe.




The only speakeasy bar in Venezuela happens to be located in Barquisimeto. As the stars appear in the sky, the nightlife begins, and Barrica Bar waits for you to come and try their different cocktails. Yo Amo Barquisimeto already caught the Barrica vibe, and we are sure that once you go, you’ll want to draw the red curtains after the door a few more times.


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