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Circuito Nuevas Bandas: What Rock has Joined Together

Festival Nuevas Bandas

The power of music brought everybody together in our Twilight City for an unforgettable night.

As the Musical City, we are proud to have amazing talents in all music genres; we are not just cuatro y maracas. As Guaros, we naturally feel the rhythm of music going through our veins – we dance, we sing, and we play music like rockstars. Last Friday night was a proof of this,  music lovers and some of the biggest talents of Barquisimeto got together with the same purpose: to enjoy music. For a few hours, all problems seemed to go away with the echoes and sounds of the tunes that were playing in the background.

Circuito Nuevas Bandas Occidente II

Last Friday night was all about the great magic of rock.

Pertutti Bar witnessed an unforgettable night. The mark that Circuito Nuevas Bandas leaves in our city is key for el movimiento musical; the rock began with the high energy only Mortuorium could give us, the sound of Viking metal rumbling through the speakers was everything a fan could ask for; this was just a taste of the great things to come. Barquisimeto is home to some incredible metal bands you may not know, and Mortuorium is a must for all Guaros metaleros.

The night changed as soon as Aida Rojas got on the stage. Her soft voice along with the great musicians that accompanied her gave a unique touch to the night thanks to her rock-boleros vibe. For Aida, Mi Canción was a special and intimate moment, she stood there and showed the audience her heart and talent. As Por Venir was playing, all I could hear was how amazed people were with these young talents, and I agree, I believe their live show was, simply, out of this world. Azulejo was the song they decided to close the show with and there was not a soul who did not sing along to that one.

“The final of the Festival Nuevas Bandas is like Comic-Con for rockers”

-Manuel Angel Redondo

But the music was not going to stop any time soon. Next was Andrea Paradas, who at just 19 years old blew everybody away; her music project, Low, is an indie-folk work we are sure you will love. Andrea’s night did not go according to the plan, but it ended on a high note: after having some troubles with the music tracks, the Guara decided to give an acoustic performance. Andrea and her guitar are a perfect match, so applause and cheers filled the room with great vibes. “These are the nights that make for great stories”, said Andrea before ending with one of her latest songs, Stay, making the public fall in love with her wonderful voice.

The great winners of the night were the psychedelics Drosera Capensis. I am confident the world stopped once they got on stage. People stood up on chairs and tables so they could enjoy Drosera’s performance. It is impossible to stand up straight and not move your whole body along to their rock sounds. Drosera Capensins was all about enjoying the music with the stranger that was next to you; those amazing connections only rock can make.

Barquisimeto became one with rock on August 3rd. Whether you are a folk, metal, or rock fan, that night we were all the same: music lovers. Pertutti was a place for great tunes, friends, pizza, and beers; that is everything you need to have a perfect night! The Circuito Nuevas Bandas was unforgettable, and the crowd was amazing. It is important to keep these projects alive; talents are not born to be kept hidden, so let’s support all those talented Guaros we know.


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