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YoAmoBQTO Route: Hotels for the 162nd Visit of the Divina Pastora
YoAmoBQTO Route: Restaurants for the 162nd Visit of the Divina Pastora
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Cieca Workshops for 2018

If you are one of the people who love cinema and everything related to communication in digital environments, the Cieca Media School has prepared for you the best season of workshops and intensive courses for enthusiasts and professionals who want to immerse themselves in the world of multimedia communication.

To get started, you can join the Community Manager Intensive Course on January 15th and 16th. This course will give you the essential tools to start managing in the right way the social networks of other entrepreneurs and those of your own projects.

If you already have your networks consolidated, but you are looking to refresh your ideas and explore the corners of the imagination, you can also sign up for the 8-hour Creative Photography Workshop. If your strength is writing, you can’t miss the opportunity to get into the Movie Script Workshop and demonstrate your storytelling skills.

Do you want to start a project and visualize it graphically? The Design for Social Networks Workshop, basic level, will allow you to get started in digital media.

In addition, for amateur photographers who want to explore new art facets, the Cieca offers the Portrait Photography course, which will help you to change the way you see faces.

Did you like any of them? You can ask for all the details, such as costs and starting dates, following the Cieca through their Instagram or Twitter accounts (@ciececabqto). What are you waiting for? Start communicating with the world in alternative and exciting ways!

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