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Cieca Holiday Workshops 2017

Nowadays, we are surrounded by technology, and instead of opposing the technological evolution it’s better if we welcome it and make it our ally. That’s why the boys of the Center for Integral Studies of Audiovisual Communication (Cieca for its Spanish initials) took responsibility for training people of all ages in the photography and film production, graphic image, and Web.

In their holiday workshops, you can discuss topics oriented to the digital world and how to succeed as an entrepreneur who wants to start a web business.

Specifically, you can learn about topics such as creative thinking in social networks, digital marketing, Instagram for business user manual, digital media writing, creating a correct LinkedIn resume, being a good community manager, creating 2D video games, personal branding, digital
journalism, among others.

All workshops are intensive and can vary between 3 to 7 days, depending on the topic you want to learn. The hours are academic, with access to all the necessary tools to meet the goal of your holiday workshop in a nurtured and pleasant environment.

To request detailed information about each of the workshops, schedules, instructors, and itinerary, you can follow them on Instagram as @ciecabqto, or you can send an e-mail to the following address: ciecaescueladecine@gmail.com.

More about Cieca Media School

The school was created by Luis Enrique Girón in 1994. It’s an institution focused on the work of audiovisual education, production, dissemination, and communication advice.

To educate professionals with a critical conscience, these moderators want to spread the magic of filmmaking and national photography, as well as creating spaces suitable for discussion, which allow the development of a growing environment for these fine arts in the State of Lara.

Their mission is to “consolidate themselves as the best Media School in the center-west, offering children, teenagers, and adults an academic variety of excellent educational modules, both face-to-face and through new distance education platforms, which meet the demands of today’s world of communication.”

In addition, its future goal is to become a recognized production company, with international quality standards at the Film Festival, with more projection, and organizational capacity on a national level; all this without forgetting their commitment through social programs.

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