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Celebrating International Dance Day: What You Should Know about It

Jean-Georges Noverre, master and creator of modern ballet.

We will always need to express ourselves. Some of us do it through the words, others through paintings, photographs, music, and of course, some do it by dancing. When performing, the dancer becomes one with the stage; the audience is a witness of how a person turns into art, right in front of their eyes, hypnotized with each precise and precious step the danseur makes. For its beauty, and for many, many more reasons, we have a whole day to honor dancing: The International Dance Day, on April 29th.

How It All Began

Jean-Georges Noverre was born on April 29th, 1727 in Paris, France. He was a prestigious dancer and ballet professeur, pioneer of modern ballet. After more than 250 years, in 1982, International Dance Day was created by the Dance Committee of the International Theatre Institute. Since then, Noverre’s birthday is remembered, and dancing is celebrated all over the world.

International Dance Day is a way to draw people’s attention to an art that they may not have taken the time to appreciate. It seeks to demonstrate the importance of expression through the body. On this day, we celebrate the bonds that were made by a passion, which goes beyond any cultural, ethnic or political barrier, because it brings together dancers everywhere.

As a tradition, every year UNESCO chooses a recognized personality in the world of dance to write a universal message for International Dance Day. This year, however, to celebrate the 70th Anniversary of the International Theatre Institute, UNESCO has chosen five, one from each of the five UNESCO Regions: Africa, the Americas, Arab Countries, Asia Pacific and Europe.  

Salia Sanou, an African dancer, and choreographer began his message this way: “How to deliver this message directly to the community of humans without having a thought for all these migrant bodies, forced into exodus and exile around the world? 

As a choreographer and dancer, having traveled all continents to present my work and have enriching experiences in contact with others. Can I look away from the chaos that shakes the world, and in particular, the migratory peril? No. I look at it and see its darkness, its brutality, but also its opportunities; the opportunities that contemporary dance has allowed me to discover to be part of an epoch.”

This day is about honoring the art of dancing and showing the world its importance

May We Always Dance

Anywhere you go in this world; dancing is a language that everyone can understand. Whether you’re from Venezuela or The Netherlands, a dancer will make you feel joy, sadness, worries or peace through every graceful movement of a choreography. Dancing is unlimited, and it goes beyond any boundary.

Throughout time, art remains no matter what. It is passed from generation to generation as a form of honest expression, and I bet even you do it from time to time. And that’s good! Because there’s no need to be a professional dancer to appreciate and celebrate International Dance Day. You can dance when you feel really happy, or when you’re in love, or perhaps just because you feel it.

From Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we hope you have an International Dance Day that is full of dancing.

Let the joy and art take you, and dance along to our playlist!

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