Posadas en Sanare

Weekend Getaway in the Garden of Lara: Posadas in Sanare

The fast movement of the city can be overwhelming, and from time to time we all fantasize about dropping everything and going somewhere far away and […]
Art exhibitions in Barquisimeto

YoAmoBQTO Route: Art Exhibitions in Barquisimeto

The City of Twilight is not only characterized by the cocuy, the sunsets, and its music. Art is also part of it, and this is demonstrated […]
Camping near Barquisimeto

Out of Barquisimeto: Lara State’s Camping Guide

There are beautiful places very close to Barquisimeto, in them, you can camp and live a unique experience. The Lara State is full of spaces to […]

Barquisimeto’s Tourist Attractions: Lara’s Waterfalls

The city of Barquisimeto is surrounded by countless tourist attractions, including impressive monuments and natural beauties. Outside of the Twilight City, at the most spectacular spots […]
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