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Yacambú is a National Park

Know the Yacambú National Park

Every big city deserves a great place to rest, don’t you think? Caracas has the Waraira Repano, Mérida has the Sierra Nevada, Coro has the Médanos, […]

Arena Parque Acuático: A Guaro Water Park

Quit the routine Currently, the hectic life of the city doesn’t allow much recreation. Those days of unplanned trips to other places have diminished, giving way […]

Enjoy the “La Música” Walkabout.

Barquisimeto is a city filled with music, and for that reason, it is considered the musical capital of Venezuela. Many spaces are ideal for visitors to […]

Visit the Esequibo Park

Barquisimeto has a lot to offer to people who decide to visit this city. It’s important that you know the places that have the capital of […]