¡Ah Mundo Barquisimeto!

Discover with YAB: ¡Ah Mundo Barquisimeto!

Some places take us on a journey through time that brings us to the moments that we keep in our hearts. This is what Enrique Lucena […]
Sanare traditions

The Faces of Sanare

To discover the landscapes of Sanare is one thing, but to really explore the town between the memories of its people, to get to know what […]
Garden of Lara

A Weekend in Sanare with YAB

Traveling makes your life press a restart button. It’s a breath of fresh air from the everyday we’re so familiar; from the movement that we like, […]
Posadas en Sanare

Weekend Getaway in the Garden of Lara: Posadas in Sanare

The fast movement of the city can be overwhelming, and from time to time we all fantasize about dropping everything and going somewhere far away and […]
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