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Joropo dancer

Venezuelan Roots: The Joropo Dance

The traditions and roots of an entire country can also be seen reflected in dance. Great examples can be found in Brazil with its samba, in […]

Guaro Halloween Special: Myths and Legends of Lara

Halloween is here! And with this celebration come ghosts, specters, myths, and legends that have left everyone in Barquisimeto and Venezuela without sleep. Each country has […]

El Amparo Movie: The Story of a Venezuelan Massacre

If there’s a need to stand out among others, it is necessary that it meets the characteristics of originality, quality, good development, and innovation. Throughout the […]

Majestic Bakery: A Historical Establishment

One of the things that move Venezuelans is their traditions. They love to be able to point out the most particular ones, and among them, you […]