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Leo hopes to never be forgotten. That’s the breaking point of United Brothers Crew (UBC): for their lessons to never be forgotten, and to bring style, rhythm and a spark of joy to every corner of Barquisimeto through Hip Hop dancing.


The journey of UBC begins with Leo. The now leader of the Crew had just left his former academy on 2013, but something in him wasn’t quite right: he wanted to keep dancing and teaching the power of the urban movement. All that he needed was his four best friends.

It all starts with: Are you in?

Just like that, five passionate souls started an urban revolution: United Brothers Crew. They were ready to take over the streets of the city with their steps and moves.


Leo lives for and to dance. If the phone rings to tell him it’s dance time, he’s off to leave every piece of him on any choreography. The doors of UBC are open for anyone that feels the need to express themselves through dance; to any soul that wants to escape life for a while and just enjoy the rhythm.

From the
Girl Power side

People may think girls are delicate like flowers, but at UBC they are just as strong and powerful as any other dancer. Daniela and Patricia are proof of such.


Music was always part of Daniela’s life. At 13 years old she found her true passion on the world of dance. One day, she simply went for it: she got dressed with dance clothes and then asked her mom to take her to a dance academy. Since then, Daniela’s mom joins her daughter on dancing competitions. Five years later, Daniela is now one of the dance coaches at UBC. The story ended pretty well.


Patricia’s love for dance was hidden on the bottom of her heart. Her first performances were for herself on the balcony of her own home just for fun, but for her Quinceañera dance she started taking dance lessons, and that’s when everything started. She has been on and off with dancing, but everytime she has the chance to dance her soul out, she does it. 

Dancing can save lives

And to keep showing the power of the urban movement, UBC gathers every Saturday to rehearse all day for free. Every soul that shows to rehearsal is moved by their passion for dancing. The coaches are not there for the money nor political ideologies; they show up to enjoy the adrenaline of a new choreography, a new dance move or a performance to come.


United Brothers Crew is committed to prove the value of hard work. A Hip Hop choreography is not going to come out in an hour, a day or a week: it’s about discipline and passion, and to go far in dancing, or even in life, you need to find the balance between both. This is the main focus of UBC.


The life of every member of the Crew is truly a life of rhythms and movement: It’s UBC’s lifestyle. For Leo, Daniela, Patricia and everyone else, dancing is about enjoying the movement, making memories and simply let out the moves that are hidden in you.


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Leo hopes to never be forgotten. That’s the breaking point of United Brothers Crew (UBC): for their lessons to never be forgotten, and to bring style, […]

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