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Carlos Lameda and His Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

The future of education: Learn through exploring and interacting.

The world is always moving and creating new things, and Barquisimeto is no a stranger in these matters. Our Twilight City is the home of great talents in art, cuisine, and even technology! And Carlos Lameda is proof of this. Along with his augmented reality project, he seeks to find a new way to learn through the in-coming technologies that we have now.

Inspired by his parents, both educators, and after a trip to San Francisco, California, USA, the place of the big technologies companies and business like Google, Apple and Facebook, Carlos Lameda decided to take a step forward in the creative and entrepreneur worlds, making his own  augmented reality company: Lamedas, on 2014. The love for technology comes from his career, informatics engineering, that he studied at the Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado (UCLA). Thanks to it, he has managed to create amazing things like augmented reality books, the Heroes and Villains Cards, and even augmented reality t-shirts!

Lameda’s book, Alcanzando Las Estrellas, is a project dedicated for kids all over the world, where every fantastic story seeks to teach personal values such as brotherhood, the love for our families and dear ones, and how to overcome the adversities. As well, the stories in the book have different augmented reality images, which when using the tablet or smartphone, will be displayed creating an incredible and unforgettable experience.

Augmented reality

Lameda brings you t-shirts and books that come alive on your cell phone!


For Carlos, it’s still fascinating and shocking how much you can teach through augmented reality, and at the same time, it sends a positive message about values and the importance of the gifts of technology. People get excited when they realize they can visualize the world in another whole dimension and have their favorite characters by just downloading an app or get their favorite movie trailers thanks to the cool t-shirts Lamedas has for them. It’s a whole new world mixed with the virtual one.

Now that you don’t have to go to the movies to enjoy the use of augmented reality, stay tuned of the incoming Augmented Reality Show that Lamedas will make soon, and let the magic of the 3D world blow your mind away! The chance of having a new way of teaching and learning, while having fun, exploring and discovering, is something that sounds out of this world. But thanks to Carlos Lameda is happening in our beloved city, and he hopes it can go out of the limits of our country.

Yo Amo Barquisimeto is ready to get into the augmented reality world, are you?




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