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Bella Vista Graveyard, an open-air museum

The architect Carmen Tanasi and Sociologist Nelson Freitez, members of Camposanto Foundation, have the mystical to transform the Bella Vista Graveyard into an open-air museum. Such action has the idea of changing the barquisimetan perception have about graveyards, which in the 50s it was considered recreation places for the people to gather.

Tanasi involves us in history and exposes that “every cities, from the moment they are created, develop spaces destined for saving the people’s memory who made life there. With modernity, themes as death are rejected and graveyards are put aside from the people. This supposes the taboo and abandonment graveyards have in the city”.

This project looks for recovering the Bella Vista Graveyard spaces, because those places are characters that belonged to the barquisimetan history, from highlighted musicians to the family’s hero of the city, besides of having a collection of artistic pieces that it worths the visit.

“In Europe and some of latinoamericans cities exist tours and walks around the graveyard, for being a guide of how the people lived on those times. It is a reference of social status, religion and it is a little piece of history we cannot afford to lose”, Tanasi says.

For his part, Freitez argued us that activities inside of the graveyard with photograph, architecture and plastic arts students were made very successfully.

Also, with the church and the adjacent community, the Way of the cross of Easter Week was made, attracting more than 300 people to the site. This event showed that it exists the opportunity of recovering that space which is actually abandoned and, without doubt, has historical potential.

Tourist Potential for the upcoming generations

The Camposanto Foundation members argue that graveyards discern a sketch of past societies. Walking around them supposes a view to the historical context that lived years ago, the solemnity of entombment and how it was a guide of the social position that, in life, had the fallen person.

To conclude, Tanasi highlights the patrimonial value of each mausoleum. “In our Bella Vista Graveyard, we have true works of art, made with granite and marble and handmade sculptures. This showed loved and recognizement of the people who lost their beloved ones”, Tanasi said.

If you wish to know more about this project with Camposanto Foundation Members, you can visit them every wednesday from 10 am at the Lara Center of History.

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