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Guaro of the Week: Rodolfo Pimentel
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Behind Rodolfo Pimentel’s lens

With the unbeatable prologue of Carlos Eduardo López Falcón, director of the Fototeca in the Center of Lara History, it begins with the walk for the exhibition that combines some photographic collections of Rodolfo Pimentel. This barquisimetan remarkable photographer has distincts and innovate artistics techniques, which bring him the title of “Hunter of Sunsets”. López Falcón stands that “one of the virtues that exhibits the photographic work of Rodolfo Pimentel lays on his humbleness, built by eye of humanity which is the way how good photographers build speeches”.

Thirsty to communicate his art, techniques and messages, Rodolfo Pimentel has become in a very diverse photographer that has portrayed the distinct realities and contrast that can be sensed in cities such as Barquisimeto. With the photographs that paint the highlight cultural expressions, the most cruelty social reality and the dawns que take you breath away, Pimentel is, without a doubt, one of the most photographic artist in the Venezuelan scene.

This peculiar character is passionate for graphic design in all its branches. He has developed his skills to work with Lightroom, Photoshop, naked photography and has obtained various certification programs. The result is the join of passion, talent and discipline.

Hunter of Sunsets.

This is a series that it was thought and planned a long time ago. “When you begin a new photographic proyect, it must be thought very carefully, it must research and walk a lot. I have plenty of year working in this and the search for new techniques is what motives me to keep learning”, says Pimentel, graduated from Martín Tovar y Tovar Art School. “I was hunting for suntes for years, not all of them are equals, it depends on the atmospheric conditions such as if it has rained that day and which place of Barquisimeto I found it”, explains the barquisimetan photographer.

Among the laughs, Rodolfo Pimentel Tells to Yo Amo Bqto that it took him a year for hunting suntes: “I was jogging by east side of Barquisimeto, and I saw it, and I regretted a lot that I did not have my camera. I wrote down the date, the time and the place where I saw it and I went every rainy day of that year until it appeared”. As he was telling this history of passion and dedication, he was showing his job, made with a panoramic photographic technique printed on glass to simulate the picture in 3D.

Warriors of my country.

This is a series exhibited in a partial way en the Lara Center of History. With it, Pimentel wanted to reflect the Venezuelan reality from the elder perspective without false poses. To accomplish this, he made his camera to work discreetly and captured realistic and spontaneous moments. These galleries of photos, product of selection of more than one thousand pictures, it was honored in the Contest Gama 2016.

This artist has hungry of knowledge and new techniques. For example, the inverse perspective as a channel to the most and real approximation of reality because it combines the beginning of cubism (of the painting itself)  in a very deep level with a photographic surrounding.

In other order of ideas, the barquisimetan photographer exhaled a deep “na’ guará” and told us that he wishes to go back to paint the barquisimetans as they are: positives, friendly and kindly, “as they are in essence”. He also recommended to all youngs that want to explore photography that they have to be educated in order to become highlighted professionals. If you want know more about this barquisimetan who looks for the positive side of people and keep hunting for sunts, you can follow him on Instagram @rodolfopimentelv.

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