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The lines that have been written about Barquisimeto are not enough to capture its essence. But honestly, I don’t think you’ll ever get close to it. Barquisimeto is complex; it’s not just the city where everyone can play cuatro, and it’s filled with music 24/7; its charm doesn’t come only from the colors in the sunsets. In the daily chaos, there’s always a part of the city where I can find myself; and although I can’t speak for everybody else, I believe that this city will always have something that makes us take it with us wherever we go.

The intersection of La Lara con Leones was the start of the journey within exploring Barquisimeto in the eyes of literature. We discovered how a block could mean much more than we think; how it has become “the meeting point” without actually being one — the place where all worlds collide. It’s a must when talking about the east side of the city; it’s here where everybody has walked to get anywhere they want; where all Barqusimetanos get together on January 14th. It’s the street that has seen joys, cries, hopes and so much more.

The particular movements of La Vargas and La 20; the people in its swing between stores. The less thoughtful corners hold onto stories that are waiting to be discovered. From the Redoma del Sol Naciente to El Obelisco, Barquisimeto gives away its own magic. It’s the city I love to see through the window when I wake up. It’s the city that we have walked, explored, and discovered — where we have met people who continue to grow with the city. In the end, we don’t need a reason to love Barquisimeto; we don’t have to answer why we do. It just happens.

Barquisimeto is a marvelous combination of streets, music, corners, gastronomy, traditions, and people. It’s not the best city in the world, but it’s not like any other out there. We truly love Barquisimeto, and discovering it through new eyes has been a delightful experience. The lines could never end when talking about our city.

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