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Center of Barquisimeto.

The center of Barquisimeto gathers part of our colonial history, but also of our contemporary history and the way we have been shaping the city that we live and remember today.

Barquisimeto owns a very curious thing: its streets change personalities when you go up and down; they make you want to explore the hidden history in its corners, to know the thing that has happened around. They can be noisy, or they can be as quiet as a Sunday morning. You can feel them as cozy as home, or like a chaotic place. Our hometown, like many others cities in the world, lives through contrasts; from the colors in its surroundings to the language changes, and although it’s not necessarily a good thing, it doesn’t have to be a bad one either. We have to see it -yes, you guessed it- between the lines.


The 20th Avenue is not the place someone would describe as a cozy boulevard nowadays, but imagine the stories it could tell about the old Barquisimeto. This was the place where local and international stores fought to get the best location in the city; it was the heart of commerce; the ups and downs the street discovering the latest trends, the new stores, and the people being amazed by the shop windows was the daily basis.


Center of Barquisimeto

For a long time, the 20th Avenue of the Twilights City represented the most important commercial point of our hometown.


The thing is that, just as life does, “La 20” kept going. It grew and evolved into a different space than the one it was in its beginning. The street vendors took over the place, people forgot to respect the boulevard side of it, and you find cars where they’re not supposed to go. Some call it madness, others chaotic, but the avenue managed to shape and match its personality to all of its surroundings.


It has become a small world where there’s always something going on; whether it’s morning, afternoon or night, you’ll find something that makes “La 20” what it is. However, the memories are still there, hidden; the memories of people walking down the boulevard, of getting something to eat it in its famous carts, and the emblematic stores on the sides. Perhaps we can’t walk as peacefully as some did back in the day, but the details of real life, from good to bad, keep making living on the insides of this avenue.



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