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Barquisimeto between Lines 02

Barquisimeto between Lines

We're still exploring our city among the lines and places that have left a mark on the memory of all barquisimetanos.

Barquisimeto between Lines not only works to help to discover the spaces of the city that we see in the daily basis, but it also lets us go back to the history of places that don’t seem important for us but probably hide some of the best secrets and moments in Barquisimeto. A character on an F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book said that you can repeat the past; and although he may be wrong, you can at least try to image and understand it.


In the eyes of my grandfather, my mother, my uncle, and so many more people of Barquisimeto,  Vargas Avenue was a glorious space. It was the spot to find great food, dance, and just enjoy the life that you could have in the Twilights City. What once used to be the largest Avenue in our hometown, we now see it with different eyes. The younger generations don’t get to celebrate the city as our mothers and fathers did, but I do feel joy picturing what does times were like.


In my mind, I see the beauty of what that life used to be like. I see my mom having a strawberry milkshake and a burger at her favorite restaurant of that time, El Cubanito; the people of Barquisimeto celebrating La Divina Pastora while La Pequeña Mavare played their annual serenade to her, the joy and happiness that was felt all over the streets. I imagine my mother, my aunt, and uncles at the rooftop of my Grandfather’s restaurant, amazed by the Carnival carriages and parades. I can only imagine it, but they all agreed on the same thing: the Vargas Avenue was indeed the heart of Barquisimeto.


Culture Barquisimeto

Vargas Avenue somehow divides the city and pauses the normal rhythm that we know to give it its own.


Its unique movement has been there since the beginning of times. From this avenue, you can take your road to almost anywhere; locals and outsiders used to walk around, get to the Teatro Juares, sit on the best restaurants in town, and just fall in love with our Twilights City every time they had a chance.


Barquisimeto is not the city that our families once met, but that doesn’t mean we can’t love it and create as many memories as they did. It’s time to fall in love with our city in our way; by discovering our streets, learning the past, writing about the city, photographing every sunset, or anything that fills your soul enough to keep believing in the magic that beholds our hometown.



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