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Barquisimeto between Lines 01

YAB Barquisimeto between Lines

Each space that composes our Twilights City brings back memories of those who filled its corners, streets, and avenues to make it that place that takes our daily sleep away.

How curious to think about the mark that simple and ordinary places can leave in us; the way a memory changes the perception of a street or a corner. Perhaps, while some people see the Lara and Leones Avenue as just another intersection, others see it as the place where they’ve spent some of the best moments of their lives, or maybe their worse. The thing is that without noticing, we become part of the history of these places, and they become part of ours.


Maybe the perfect description of this intersection was the one that one of my best friends told me. She said it was the place where worlds collide; the meeting point without really being one. In the eyes of the musician, it is the everyday path they walk at a fast pace to get to rehearsal on time; where you can see the smiles and the tears from the polyclinic; it’s the street where you see the kids running, trying to find some money for the day, and hours later it gets filled with music and beer. In the same place, you can see the different sides and shapes of life in a matter of time.


Barquisimeto culture

The city gives us the elements, and we decide how to live and enjoy them. Lines, streets, buses, and avenues compose the magical town of Barquisimeto. (Photo by @olivares.js)


The avenue can be taken as a place of struggle, disappointment, and hopefulness; but it is also where you can find joy, love, and happiness. For many Guaros, it becomes the road to pass on before they get to their destinies, whether it’s work, college, a date, or anything else; it’s where families used to go when craving a burger and an ice cream, or where you could find a group of friends laughing and sharing a pizza. Now, thinking about these flavors feels nostalgic, but they are still in our minds; the places and people with whom we share those moments.   


The Lara-Leones intersection is forever caught up in the minds of the people from the Twilight City. It’s where I have had a drink with my friends at El Búnker, while listening to great music; where I’ve taken a coffee in the middle of the afternoon; the street I’ve walked laughing, crying and even being in love. Yes, it may be just a street, but if you see it with the eyes of remembrance, you’ll find the incredible meanings of the simpleness of the everyday life.




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