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Barquisimeto: a City of Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneur Barquisimeto

Get to know the amazing Guaros who took the risk to follow their dreams and ideas to create amazing new projects.

This past week has been filled with more joy and talent than usual, and therefore we couldn’t leave Barquisimeto’s anniversary week without remembering the stories and faces behind some of the amazing projects that were born here. Our hometown still has tons of things to celebrate, but from Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we’ll take a moment to honor the brave Guaros who followed their dreams, the ones that even in the hardest and darkest moments, still believed in their talent and chances that were waiting for them in the Twilight City.


Fajitas Express

The secret flavors and recipes of the abuela came to light from the hand of Francisco Manzanilla, an Andino from a Mexican family. Francisco took the best of the Mexican world and brought it together with his Venezuelan side, creating the delicious Fajitas Express menu. For cheese lovers, La Cuatrera is a must-visit in the burger world, with a topping of delicious melted cheese; you will find toppings of pizza, some amazing grilled nachos, toasts, and other exquisiteness that I’m sure will water down your mouth just by looking at them. Now, Francisco not only shares Mexican happiness on the 55th Street, but his dream grew to the point of going behind the wheel of Fajitas Express’ Food Truck: La Troca.


Azuquita Bistró – Café

Azuquita Bistró was born in 2016 with the name of “Azuquita Express,” as an Instagram account for dessert deliveries, thanks to Fabiana’s love for cooking and baking. Two years later, on February 14th, the café opened its doors to the public, all ready to make the Guaros fall in love with every little thing on its menu. Every dessert has been carefully selected and made with love by Fabiana herself, with the help of her family members, such as her cousin Raul, her parents, and sisters. From a Tres Vaquitas, or a Chocomarque, to its super chocolate cake Tronchatoro, you will become an Azuquita addict once you try them.


Gastronomy Barquisimeto

Although every Guaro has a different project, they all have the same goal: to keep Barquisimeto as the great city it is.


Sam Coworking

Thanks to the incredible minds of Farley Torrealba and Heczabeth Simancas, Barquisimeto now has this amazing space full of creativeness. Sam Coworking became the first Coworking of the Twilight City, a place where you can share your ideas and get support, meet new people, and where work won’t even feel like a duty. Sam is the dream place that got here so you can leave your bed, grab your laptop, your ideas, and discover a place with talented and entrepreneur people like you. Farley and Heczabeth hope for more ideas to come, for more persons to spread the positive vibes, and want Sam Coworking to become a snowball effect to fill people with hope.


Juguetes Inteligentes

During a school exchange, Humberto Barazarte experienced one of the best things in his life: he learned the art of wood carving, and it was instant love. Juguetes Inteligentes is not just a toy-shop, but a whole organization with a philosophy that seeks to change the educational system, which has stayed the same for over 50 years. The organization wants to teach the basic sciences such as physics, maths, mechanics and more through wooden automatons and different toys. Inspired by the European-method of STEM teaching, Barazarte decided it must be applied here. Since then, Barquisimeto is honored to have the chance of giving kids a new way to discover life.


Maravillosamente Virtuosa

After achieving being a Wonder Woman, María Jesús Arce Reyes began a personal challenge that ended up changing her life: she got to wrote and publish her first book Maravillosamente Virtuosa, the inspiration came thanks to the advice her friends asked her for, and the experiences she had during the writing process. But being a wonderfully virtuous woman didn’t mean giving up her radio show Lo Mejor de la Gente, or to stop being Wonder Woman. She is both today, and her goal is to help every woman to achieve the same and let everybody know they can pursue their dreams.


As for Yo Amo Barquisimeto, our goals and dreams are to keep sharing with you the beautiful things that can be found in the Twilight City; the city that is filled with incredible dreamers and creators. For now, there’s nothing more to say except that happy anniversary, Barquisimeto! And for all Guaros, go enjoy the 466th anniversary of our amazing hometown. If you’re looking for a good plan, we may know about a little space filled with works of art, culture and the YAB team.


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