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Barquisimetidos: Olimpia Baldó

Professional in the area of recruitment. She's an expert in the field.

Barquisimeto is a city that prides itself with the passion and growth of people born within and outside its limits. This town proves to be a home for whoever is driven and passionate and who wants to share with the world the things it holds within their minds and hearts. For that reason, many visitors and newcomers have transformed into “Barquisimetidos”: people who feel like a born and raised Guaro, over the hospitality and incredible environment offered by the city itself. One of such figures is none other than Olimpia Baldó, better known as Oly.

She was born and raised in Caracas, the capital of Venezuela. And in there, she knew and married a Commander of the National Guard. This profession led her to move for the first time to Barquisimeto in 1984, who stayed two years in the city of Twilight. During that time, her passion for the city grew and in 1994, when offered the chance to move back there to work for a Chief for Human Resourses for Cantv, she took it wholeheartedly. After her job offer terminated, she decided to focus on her own entrepreneurship and other job opportunities, like the one offered in Banco Capital up to 2000. Then, she decided to focus on Asesores Balor, where she started with her husband. She never thought that being an advisor would be what she would do in her life, but in the end, she was attracted to this profession. Likewise, she and her husband wanted to work on a more hands-on approach to connecting talent and business, eventually decided to prepare and learn whatever she could in the market where she worked. Barquisimeto is a city that offers the chances to acquire professional knowledge by taking courses and acquiring experience over the content. To continue with that, in 2007 she decided to certify as an International Coach in Caracas, to give that extra to the service she offered with Asesores Balor.

Despite the magnificent experience of living in Barquisimeto, Oly can’t identify an exact moment in which you have felt marvelous with this city since every moment is unique. For her, the memorable factor is higher up: people, culture and the overall feeling of the city made her fall in love with this town. Growing in this field had been amazing, and she has been offering unique aspects to her work field. For Olimpia, she’s been changing her mindset to work with people in Lara, with their particular quirks and differences has been instrumental as to how she handles the talents she works with. “This city is more familiar, more traditional than Caracas, and in there you can see generations work in the same field, which is incredible,” she said to us. “For anyone from the capital of the country, adapting to the lifestyle and personality of Barquisimeto”. Her professional behavior and drive have led her to be recognized for Conindustrias. Also, she’s currently working in the Fermin Toro University, teaching postgraduates about Human Resources and Management, and her alumni have become her colleagues.

Oly, as every other person in Barquisimeto, she has a favorite place: for her, the MUBARQ is the right place to see art and structure intertwine with Guaro feelings. She adores two other places: The Ayacucho Square and the “San Francisco de Asis” Church. Why does she love these particular locations? For her, memories have been created in this places, and every part of her has been formed thanks to that. “Business people can come to this city and work in their initiatives, but they need to persevere and study.”. The inherent nature of Guaros is one of the things that Olimpia loves, and she knows that they are a force to reckon when it comes to making the country overstep the rough patch we’re currently going through.

Here at YoAmoBQTO.com, we want you to love the city and see how foreign people want to be part of it regardless of where they come from. Oly Baldo is one of the Barquisimetidos that fell in love with Twilights and Guaros, and she decided to stay in there and reach her dreams there. For her, Barquisimeto has been her new home, and she’s proud to identify herself as a Guara.

For Oly, an integral professional, experience and personal growth are vital for success.

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