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Bailando en la Cueva: a Must for Notebook Lovers

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Meet your new best friend! Take your unique and beautiful notebook anywhere you go.

Art can be found in our everyday life, as it comes in many different shapes: there are art and beauty in a music video, in dancing, singing, and writing. When art calls, we just have to listen to it. And that is kind of how the story of Bailando en la Cueva goes: In 2013, Maidy discovered the amazing book cover designs from the Argentine publishing business Eloísa Cartonera, and the project blew her mind. It did not take long for her to explore that kind of creativity, and soon enough she had made her own covers with cardboard and thread.


The name of the project comes too, from art, specifically from the title of a Jorge Drexler’s song. Maidy was waiting for her “Eureka!” moment until she realized that she had the answer on her playlist the whole time. With the notebooks and the name, Maidy’s project, Bailando en la Cueva, was presented to the world.


Barquisimeto design

Let the designs of Bailando en la Cueva tell the world who you are!

We can all agree that we get excited every time we see a work of art, but what about also being able to carry it with you everywhere you go? This is exactly what happens with the Bailando en la Cueva notebooks. It gets even better: they reflect who you are, what you are passionate about, or even your favorite movie; all of these while being incredibly useful. Nowadays, art is available not only to hang on a wall but to make a clear statement in the way we present ourselves.


Is not only writers, illustrators, and students, from children to elders, we all have something to say, something to communicate. The need to express ourselves is always there, and sometimes it needs to be written down, just like in simpler times. Bailando en la Cueva offers something for all the people that are looking to organize their lives through blank pages or communicate in their own way.


There is nothing better to me than writing down my thoughts and ideas in the pages of a new notebook; it feels like an opportunity to let my mind create, get inspired, and do amazing things. If you are also a fan of expressing yourself this way, then keep an eye out for Bailando en la Cueva, who will be soon launching their new collection and some amazing projects along with other brands.


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