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Back to the Stage with Improbar


You'll have guaranteed moments of endless laughter in this theatre

There’s a quote that goes: “A day without laughter is a day wasted.” Because if there’s something certain in this life, is that we have to keep trying to see the good things, and laugh every time we have the chance to. Improbar is one of those things where, perhaps, you’ve never tried to find happiness. But we can assure you that, once you’re there, you’ll forget your problems for a few minutes and just laugh.

The improvisational theatre has been around for years in Venezuela, but the story of Improbar began eight years ago. Fidel Ceballos and Hector Lizcano were the first ones in the group, and with their knowledge about theatre and comedy, and love for storytelling and the Clown technique, they decided to make their own improvisational group along with people like Willy Ruiz. Barquisimeto opened its arms for Improbar and their art, and thanks to their creativeness and great imagination, they’ve been successful with the Twilight City audience.

Through every season, Improbar has got a loyal audience that never fails for its performances. However, they are glad to see new faces in the crowd who support their talent. And they want to see more people having a little break from their everyday-life to join them and enjoy this art.

Playing on Stage

For the performers, this is not just acting or working, but playing on the stage. They want to have as much fun as the audience, a moment where laughter connects everybody. The characters behind Improbar are all different, and through the years people have come and gone. There have been math teachers, computer engineers, social communicators, and so much more professionals that you could think they have nothing in common, but their love for the art they do on stage is enough to keep them going.

Barquisimeto's theatre

Improbar is here to make you live the experience of theatre improvisation

Before going on stage, the theatre improvisers feel the same adrenaline every actor has felt before stepping on stage. That beautiful but scary feeling in the stomach that keeps them moving, and makes them leave it all behind to become just Improbar.

The art of improvisation is not as easy as you might think; there are lots of rehearsals and training. Not just about the performances, but also about themselves, about ego and roles, about accepting it’s not a solo performance. It’s teamwork, and the way to be a great group is to stick together and support each other.

Improbar is here to stay, and they are ready to keep having fun on stage for many more seasons; their plan will always be to live through and for improvisation. In their schedules there are also new things, like improvisation for companies and schools, to keep sharing happiness with as many people as they can.

The next stop for Improbar is on May 26th; they will perform at the Sambil de Barquisimeto along with PsicoRelajo, so you already have plans for the weekend! Yo Amo Barquisimeto will always support the funniest group in our city, and if you’re curious about Improbar, tell your friends and have a laugh this Saturday!


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