The Valentine's Day route is one of the things to do in Barquisimeto

YoAmoBQTO’s Route: Valentine’s Day Romantic Journey

Do you already have plans for Valentine’s Day? YoAmoBQTO knows that this day can be different and special, so it brings you a unique route today. […]

Amaze Yourself in Big Burger

If there’s something that fascinates Venezuelans even more than the extraordinary natural beauty of the country, it’s the food. Although many people may not believe it, […]

“How to Tell Pending Stories (and Why?)” by Willy McKey, from Yo Amo BQTO’s Point of View

It’s been 8 months since we started to show you this beautiful city from a tourist and cultural point of view. We have worked hard to […]

Guaro of the Week: Daniela Urdaneta

One of the creative areas that have had the biggest growth in Venezuela are the arts. This type of expression has managed to become more recognized […]
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