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The Art Route: Works of Art around Barquisimeto

Works of art around Barquisimeto

The "Manto de María" is one of the most popular pieces of art in the city.

We’re often too busy to notice what’s around us. We can even walk every day on the same street and take years to notice something specific of it. Barquisimeto is filled with great works of art we haven’t appreciated enough, even if we “see” them day by day. Today we’ll try to change that; here’s a route to find some of Barquisimeto’s works of art:

Hombre y Mujer (Man and Woman)

This great work of art was made by Lara’s young artist, Andrés Coiran. Recognized by his expressionist works, Coiran was gone too soon on 2003 with more than 200 paintings and 50 sculptures. Hombre y Mujer was one of them. The piece of art, composed of two designed triangles, was made in 2002 and right now it’s located in the Paseo Juan Guillermo Iribarren. So don’t hesitate to take a good look at it the next time you pass by.


Monumento al Sol Naciente (The Monument to the Rising Sun)

The Monument to the Rising Sun was created in 1989 by the Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz Diez. It is located at the intersection of Av. Los Leones, Libertador Avenue, and Herman Garmendia Avenue. The kinetic piece of art was made in honor of Barquisimeto’s twilights, and it’s an iconic monument in the city. How many times have you walked around it? We can assure you that it’s a whole different experience when you’re right in front of the colorful billboards. If you haven’t done yet, grab some friends and go!

Works of art around Barquisimeto

Barquisimeto is filled with all kinds of works of art, and you just have to find them

La Cereza de Bellas Artes (The Cherry of Bellas Artes)

Carlos Vallenilla’s dream became real in 2016 when he left a part of his art in his hometown. Known for his brights and modern fruits, Vallenilla brought life and elegance with a red cherry to the road of the distributor of Bellas Artes. It didn’t take long for The Cherry to become an icon of the road. And now it’s a daily reminder of the talent present in Barquisimeto.


Monumento Manto de María Divina Pastora (Monument Mantle of Mary Divine Shepherdess)

The Mantle of Mary is a monument dedicated to the Divina Pastora (Divine Shepherdess), the patron saint of Barquisimeto. Designed by architects Orlando Perdomo, Rafael Vargas and Jorge Rodríguez, guided by the kinetic style of Jesús Soto. This work of art is the highest Mary monument in the world. And can be seen from Barquisimeto, Cabudare and many other sites in the states of Lara and Yaracuy. After 296 steps on the stairs, the terrace offers exceptional views ready to melt anyone’s heart. A must on your Barquisimeto’s bucket list: a sunset at Manto de María.


Whether if you’re walking or driving around Barquisimeto, you can always have a few minutes to appreciate the works of art that could be right next to you. Plastic artists are in this world to make it a little bit more beautiful with each piece they make, with their different contrasts and expressions. Yo Amo Barquisimeto invites you to take a look at all the works of art that you can find in your daily life in the city. Take a picture of them, or take a picture with them, or just take a mental picture. The important part is to know the art is here, ready for everyone to notice.


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