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Art as a living expression of Barquisimeto’s culture, with Moisés Andrade

The arts can be seen as a stimulating way to encourage children’s interest. Learning by playing or creating something is one of the best ways to promote education and discipline.

This was said by the visual artist and recreational clown Moisés Andrade, who is carrying out at the Barquisimeto Museum a series of early art stimulation workshops for children as an alternative to promote culture.

Currently, Andrade, along with his colleagues, is dictating “Tertulias Artísticas” (Artistic gatherings), a program that teaches about art’s history;  4 different stories compiled into ten classes. They also teach visual arts, where painting and drawing techniques are adapted for children from 5 to 11 years old. They also give classes on basic drawing fundamentals, aimed at young people and adults. There, composition, configuration, framing, among other technical aspects will be studied.

In this context, for those interested in alternative drawings they also have an anime, comic, and manga workshops for teenagers and adults. They are all about creating superheroes and action figures. Finally, they have the workshop “Libro de Artista” (Artist book), which is the creation of drawings or paintings with unconventional materials to exploit the participants’ creativity and to encourage them to create their artistic portfolio.

All workshops will be held from 2 pm at the Barquisimeto Museum halls.

Let’s talk about Moisés Andrade

This visual artist and Guaro clown has been working with children’s recreation for over 15 years. He has had active participation as a muralist in the 159th and 161st visits of the Divina Pastora; also he has participated with different cultural non-governmental organizations, such as La Vida Suena in its various editions, like a circus complement of cultural activities for all public.

He is currently dedicated to using art and his histrionic personality to educate children and young people in adverse situations within their communities and to teach them this type of profession as an alternative to wrong choices in life. He also wants to make them understand that these activities pay off in the long term, as they will be exemplary members of society and will learn to channel their emotions and feelings in a creative and stimulating way.

Do you want to attend Moises Andrade’s classes? Just follow him on at @fido_art on his social networks, and get to know his portfolio and the multiple activities in which he participates. And if you want to get some more information about initiatives like these and be part of Barquisimeto’s artistic movements, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as @yoamobqto.

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