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Acrylic Souls: The tattoos of Barquisimeto

Little is said about what makes Barquisimeto’s identity: we have our streets, our rutas,  and guaros walking along the well-known avenues, but that’s not it. The Twilight City is also filled with art. There are many names painted in the walls all over the city, but among them all, there’s a group that came along to leave its mark: Acrylic Souls.


it all started with the casual idea of bringing together several artists to paint a mural near the Churum Merú. Once there, art did not take long to connect Sergio Martinez (a.k.a Deter), Johan Pérez (a.k.a Jope), Cristhian Ferreiro (a.k.a Sketch) and Diego Colmenares (a.k.a Wtf Art). Each with their own different art style, but with the same goal in mind: to make art to make the city better.



While some people gather for coffee, jogging, or any other Sunday typical activity, Acrylic Souls met to paint murals.


Urban Art tends to look like people simply scratching the walls of a city; but not. The concept goes far beyond simply painting something to make it look pretty. Every big city in the world has artists who express themselves around its streets and show the city’s lifestyle through their colors. That’s exactly what happened in Barquisimeto.


The streets of our city were never the same after the colors of Acrylic Souls. They tattooed the Twilight City with their ideas and culture. As people say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor did the art districts of the big cities we all want to visit; all of them began with art movements like this.


The Acrylic Souls murals gradually became part of the identity of our city. It’s been a few years since they’ve been there, but it’s hard to imagine Barquisimeto without them. As you read this, perhaps you’re thinking of the one you saw as you walked or drove by; if so, that was the whole point of it all.



Although the Acrylic Souls team are now spread all over the world, their ideas and projects still have Barquisimeto in their hearts. They hope soon to be together once again to continue painting the walls of our city and keep making incredible changes in people’s lives.

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