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A Weekend in Sanare with YAB

Garden of Lara

The green-blue mountains and their willows leave a taste of wanting to explore much more of this magical place outside Barquisimeto.

Traveling makes your life press a restart button. It’s a breath of fresh air from the everyday we’re so familiar; from the movement that we like, but sometimes get so overwhelming; from which it’s not wrong to disconnect from time to time. At Yo Amo Barquisimeto, we’re always looking for that special little place to talk about: hidden corners, incredible people that nobody knows, small towns that sometimes go unnoticed. That’s why this adventure began in the first place, but we ended up falling right into the charms of Sanare.

Walking through its streets and meeting people only made me realize -once again- how lucky we are and we don’t know. Sanare felt like home the whole time. The small town steals your heart without you noticing it; until it’s late at night and you don’t even think of going to sleep because all you care about is catching a shooting star. It’s the little things that give that magic touch to the Garden of Lara: from the warm coffee in the morning, to the nostalgic feeling you get when entering the movie theatre.

I found landscapes with beautiful mountains and sunsets with colors I’ve only seen in films. I met people who opened the doors of their houses and received us to tell us everything they could about Sanare. The power of memories should not be underestimated; those were the ones that led us to the origins of the Zaragoza festival; the ones that made us travel to Sanare and discover its incredible characters. We hear poems in their streets, stories in old libraries, and life memories in the countryside.

The charm of Sanare doesn’t come from one person or a party in particular, it comes from all the great things that have happened over the years. It’s the culture of a small town that knows their people too well, who are proud to be known for their traditions. Perhaps not everyone understands or sees it in this way; perhaps not everyone knows how great it is to have a love for art. A love that surpasses farewells or deaths. The love of being able to continue creating something greater than any prejudice: creating verses, writing, and even a party that fills the whole city.

For now, it only remains to count the days to return. And, this time, to celebrate together with each person during Los Zaragozas.


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