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A Day to Remember: YAB’s 1st Visual Arts Exhibition

Barquisimeto's 466th anniversary

Yo Amo Barquisimeto celebrated the anniversary of the Twilight City between arts and amazing Guaros.

Barquisimeto’s birthday began with a sunny day; the kind of days we just know that everything’s going to turn out great. The works of arts were set, the hours were coming down to minutes, and before we knew, we had a full house. The doors opened, and the faces of people waiting to be amazed was the first thing we saw; the faces of people that day by day work hard to keep Barquisimeto as the beautiful city we know; the ones that fill it with colors, knowledge, culture, music, and so much more, all together in the same place.


On September 14th we were all winners. We won a new space to celebrate culture, we won by meeting new incredible people, we won by connecting through art, and the most important: we won a city that doesn’t stop dreaming and hoping for more good things. The 1st Visual Arts Exhibition Yo Amo Barquisimeto was really happening.


The Guara behind the first prize in the exhibition was Liseth Castillo with “Bariqui,” representing the essence of our Twilight City. “Los Viajeros en el Tiempo” (The Time Travelers) was the enchanting piece by Rodolfo Pimentel, a fusion of two photographies of Barquisimeto. As for the third but not least, it was a beautiful mandala of the Ferrocarril Bolívar made by Rocío Florido and Willfrank Pimentel, representing the return of this form of transportation nowadays. We must also mention the spectacular techniques of Kilenny Linares with her “Barquisimeto de Memoria” and the pointillism of Carly García with “Museo de Barquisimeto.” All of these Guaros showed what they are capable of, each one left their mark on that beautiful day, and everyone who was there was touched by all of the pieces exhibited.


Visual Arts Exhibition Barquisimeto

We thank all the people who believe in YAB, in the power of art and our beloved Barquisimeto.

By going upstairs, you discovered a few more works of art by invited artists, such as Guarapo Simple, Mariana Sellanes and Angel Sequera, who delighted the people with their colors, techniques, and talent. That day we not only honored the artists but representing the musical side of our city, we had the beautiful sounds of Gerardo Pernalete’s cuatro and María Gabriela Querales’ flute, filling the gallery with marvelous Venezuelan music, bringing that amazing feeling we get every time we listen to our musical roots.


But the day wasn’t over until five brilliant women sat down to talk about Barquisimeto’s Cultural Life. Marhú McCormick, Isabel Caroto, Evelyn Rodríguez, and Mariela Torrealba, along with YAB editor Arlett Tovar, shared their experiences with the art and culture of our city. Between cocuy drinks and arts, these five women showed how it can be possible to live through the talent that people have, and how we must support the local talents.




It is not a secret how we’ve lost the spaces to talk about culture, and how perhaps people don’t see the importance of it nowadays; but it doesn’t mean the fight is over, in fact, it’s quite the opposite: now is when culture must be reborn. And Yo Amo Barquisimeto is here to make that happen, to open the eyes of the Guaros and all Venezuelans of what we have, and how we must stop to miss the incredible things that are right in front of us.


The YAB Team is still filled with joy from the September 14th, and we thank all the people who came to celebrate art, culture, music and of course, Barquisimeto’s 466th anniversary. All we can say is we’ll always believe in the magical changes that art can make, and we’ll be here to support every brave Guaro who wants to share their talent with the world. Here’s to all the good things to come for the Twilight City, for the Guaros, and for our country.


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