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A Blogger Experience: How I Learned What to Do and What’s Getting Done in Barquisimeto

Enjoying the activities in Barquisimeto

Although I had spent part of my childhood and teenage years in this city, I'm still learning what it has to offer.

How did I get here? That is an interesting question, considering that my career has absolutely nothing to do with what it means to be a blogger, which is not just writing on a blog, and write about what to do in Barquisimeto. I guess it all started when I changed my mind professionally and decided to quit psychology and look for something else to do.

At first, I had no idea what the next step would or could be. For me, I was supposed to be a psychologist, so I never really considered other options. In the end, and for no good reason, I choose to study Modern Languages at the Central University of Venezuela. Like I said, there wasn’t really any reason to study that career, it just… happened.

Once I graduated as a translator, I started to think about looking for a steady job, since translations arrived, but not as often as I would have liked. Finally, some time later, came the opportunity to work for 786.marketing as a blogger.

The beginning at YoAmoBQTO

And now, how did I go from a marketing company to a digital magazine? Well, in this case, both are linked; being from Barquisimeto gave me the opportunity to write the english blog for this digital magazine that exalts the cultural work that many Guaros do, showing the most beautiful and talented face of the city. At first, I was just writing YoAmoBQTO’s blog, but after leaving and rejoining the marketing company, I also started translating the journalistic notes of Tiffany, the magazine’s reporter.

Obviously, this has been a double experience and double apprenticeship, as I work as a blogger for both the magazine and the marketing company. However, the path at YoAmoBQTO has more cultural rewarding. In the company, I have learned about marketing and what it really means to be a blogger, but in the magazine, I have learned about the city I grew up in, its particular places, regional characters, and the idiosyncrasy of our country.

Learning what to do in Barquisimeto

I must admit I didn’t know much about Barquisimeto. I spent all my childhood and teenage years in the city, but once I graduated from college, I left. Ten years later I returned to Barquisimeto; on the outside, it seemed slightly the same city; however, on the inside, it had changed. How do I know that? Thanks to the magazine. It has taught me things about the city that I never thought could exist, and I think it didn’t back on my days.  

Among the experiences (in the form of texts and interviews) that have had a great impact on me, one of the most memorable has been knowing about one of the most interesting and crazy dishes I have ever known: Pizza Larense from Cocuy La Orquidea. The reason? That mixture of dough made from chicarrón, caraota (black beans) sauce, goat cheese, leaves from cocuy plant and goat blood sausage is hard to beat.  

Another one that also touched me was the interview with the legendary group Carota, Ñema and Tajá. I don’t know much about traditional music, but one of their songs has always taken me to my childhood, to a particularly fun time. Likewise, the group’s story and all its trajectory are impressive, and the affection, knowledge, and eloquence expressed by the interviewee at that moment made the writing of the article worthwhile.

In the end, the magazine has been the means to know what I didn’t know before. I suppose that, as has happened to me, this can happen to many other Guaros. YoAmoBQTO.com is an opportunity to know or recognize the City of Twilight and everything it has to offer. Barquisimeto is not only a cathedral, a virgin, and an obelisk, but also workshops, cafés, characters, entrepreneurs, sweets, pepitos, and a long etc. It is just so much more!

If you also want to know what to do in Barquisimeto, you know what you should do, right? Just follow us through our networks and comment on whatever you want! What you like about Barquisimeto, what you don’t like about it, where you like to eat, where you like to play metras. As I said: whatever you want.

Without further ado, from YoAmoBQTO.com we wish you all a happy New Year full of opportunities and good wishes. See you next year!

Enjoying activities in Barquisimeto

I never imagined I’d end up being a blogger for a magazine about Barquisimeto.



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